Android 14's emoji workshop lets you make custom wallpapers — here's how to use it

A sample of an Android 14 emoji wallpaper on a Google Pixel 7a
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You should learn how to make emoji wallpaper in Android 14 if your phone's due to get the upgrade either later this year or in 2024. Android 14 brings several upgrades, but the ability to make your own customizable wallpapers right in the Settings menu is one a lot of users will find quite enjoyable.

Google Pixel phones have had this feature for some time already, but Android 14 is opening up this capability to other Android devices, too. Unfortunately the roll-out, even for devices running the Android 14 beta, seems a little uneven, so be patient if you don't have these otpions on your device yet.

But assuming you do have access, this is how to splash emoji all over your phone's lock screen and home screen in Android 14.

How to make emoji wallpaper in Android 14

1. Open the Emoji workshop

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To get to the cutely-named emoji workshop menu, you'll need to open the Settings app, then tap Wallpaper and style. Now tap More Wallpapers, then select the Emoji workshop icon (the turtle emoji on a green background).

2. Randomize the wallpaper if you're stuck for ideas

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Tap the die icon to get a random emoji wallpaper, but if you want full control over your new wallpaper, skip to the next step.

3. Pick up to 14 emoji to use on the wallpaper

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Choose from all your favorite emoji, which you'll see appear in the preview as well as in the box. Tap Clear all to start again, or tap the checkmark to move on.

4. Select a pattern

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Now select a pattern. You have a choice of five patterns, but because you also have a size slider which changes the look of the patterns considerably, too.

5. Choose a color

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And choose a color. There are 22 options, comprising of a main background color and a complimentary color for the emoji themselves. Sadly you can't change the two independently.

6. Check the preview and apply it to your phone

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Use the Lock screen and Home screen buttons to see what your handiwork will look like in-situ. If you're happy with it, select Set wallpaper to make things official.

Here's the finished version of my wallpaper, looking especially handsome on my lockscreen.

A sample of an Android 14 emoji wallpaper on a Google Pixel 7a

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

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