Discord just got a big upgrade — here's how to link your PSN account

PSN and Discord now lets you finally know how to link Discord to PlayStation
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Discord has announced that PlayStation owners can now link their PSN accounts with the popular social platform. 

This long-requested feature was confirmed via a Discord blog post, which announced that starting from today (February 1) the ability to link a PSN account with Discord is being rolled out to users in the U.S. with additional countries to follow soon. 

 “Once your Discord account is linked, the game you’re currently playing on either PS4 or PS5 will be shown as your activity," Discord explained. "You can even opt to display your PlayStation Network online ID on your profile so your Discord friends can add you and tag along.”

Discord has become a popular tool for players to co-operate across gaming platforms, so this feature will also be useful for coordinating gaming sessions on cross-play titles. 

Deeper integration between Discord and PlayStation has been on the cards for a while now after Sony made an investment in the platform in May 2021. The ability to link a PSN account to Discord is likely just the first of many PlayStation-focused additions that will come about due to this partnership. 

Linking your PSN account to Discord is a pretty painless process that only takes a few minutes. 

Start by heading to the User Settings tab, then select Connections. You can access this submenu on either desktop or mobile. On the Connections page, you will see the freshly-added PlayStation icon. Select it to begin the process. 

Linking a PSN account to Discord

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You’ll be asked to authorize the linking of the two accounts, which essentially requires you to log into your PSN account via a pop-up window. Once this is done your PSN and Discord accounts have been successfully linked. 

Discord user profile with a linked PSN account

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Once connected, two new options will appear “Display on profile” and “Display PlayStation Network as your status”. The former allows other Discord users to see your PSN ID in your profile, and the latter allows your game activity to appear on Discord so friends can see exactly what you’re playing. 

Do note, in order for your accounts to be successfully linked you might have to tweak your PSN Privacy Settings. “PSN Online Status” and “Now Playing” must be set to “Anyone” your PSN account information. You can change these settings on a PS5 or PS4 console as well as via browser. Sony offers a helpful guide if you’re stuck. Now you're talking to your friends, why not learn how to create memes for the Discord chat. 

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