How to enable Secure Folder on Android

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Learning how to enable Secure Folder on Android is a great way to encrypt important files on your Samsung device. 

Despite often being some of the best phones around, Android devices are sadly no less prone to malicious attacks than other tech. So, if you’re security-conscious (which you should be), it certainly pays to enable Secure Folder on Android.

Additionally, while Secure Folder can help protect your phone from cyber security threads, it also adds an extra layer of protection for your important files should someone steal your phone or gain access to it. 

Secure folder is currently still a Samsung feature, and doesn’t feature on Google Pixel devices. If you’re using a Google Pixel device, however, there’s a similar feature called Safe folder. You can’t store apps within it, but you can still add files and folder to it for protection. We’ll cover that here too.

Without further ado, here’s how to enable secure folder on Android.

How to enable Secure Folder on Android

How to enable Secure Folder on Samsung devices

1. Go to Settings, then tap Biometrics and security. Scroll down to Secure Folder. You'll need to sign in with your Samsung or Google account and Secure Folder will then be set up.

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2. To set or change the lock settings for your Secure Folder, go to the Biometrics and security menu and tap on Secure Folder. This will now bring up the options and settings for Secure Folder. Select Lock type and then choose how you'd like to unlock your Secure Folder. 

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3. To ensure your Secure Folder can't be accessed by someone picking up your phone while unlocked, you'll need to set the folder to lock immediately after you leave an app located within it. Otherwise, your folder can still be accessed for a time after you've put your unlocked phone down. From the Secure Folder settings menu, tap Auto lock Secure Folder and then select Each time I leave an app.

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How to enable Safe folder on Google devices

1. Go to your apps and select the Files app.

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2. Scroll down and tap Safe folder. Choose how you want to access the Safe folder, either using a PIN or Pattern. Set and confirm the PIN or Pattern

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3. To store an item in the Safe folder, open Files, find the file and tap the three dots icon, then select Move to Safe folder.

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