How to block all calls on Android

How to block all calls on Android
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Don’t know how to block all calls on Android? Even if you have one of the best Android phones, that won't stop annoying phone calls coming through at inopportune moments.

While you could always just put your phone on silent mode and shove it in a drawer to keep those callers at bay, you might still need your phone for other things, namely using apps or receiving text messages.

That makes blocking incoming calls a useful skill to learn (especially as many people are getting hit with more spam callers than legitimate ones nowadays anyway.) Luckily, there’s a way to block all calls coming to your Android phone. This method can be either temporary or permanent, as you can turn it on or off as needed with just a few clicks.

Keep reading to learn how to block all incoming calls on Android.

How to block all calls on Android

1. Open the “Settings” app on your phone, then scroll down and select Sound & vibration

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2. Select Do Not Disturb.

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3. Tap Turn on now, then tap People.

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4. Next, select Calls.

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5. Tap None to block all calls while your phone is off. Alternatively, tap Contacts or Starred contacts to set certain people who can still reach you, like your boss or family members. You can also choose whether to allow repeat callers to get through to your phone — this aims to let someone through if they repeat call you within 15 minutes, which might signal it is an urgent call. Just turn the toggle on or off to make your choice. 

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These steps were taken on a Google Pixel running Android 13. On Samsung devices, the process is very similar, but you'll need to look in a slightly different Settings menu. Here's how to block all calls on a Samsung device.

1. Go to Settings, then tap Notifications. 

2. Tap Do not disturb and switch the Do not disturb toggle to on

3. Then tap Calls, messages, and conversations and follow step 5 above.

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And that’s it! When or if you want to start receiving calls again, navigate back to “Do Not Disturb” and turn it off. Alternatively, check your quick menu by swiping down at the top of your screen, then tap the moon icon to turn Do Not Disturb off.

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    Too many callers getting on your nerves? Here’s how to block all incoming calls on Android.

    How to block all calls on Android : Read more
    Any idea how to accomplish this on Android 10? DND will only mute (and not block) incoming calls.