Embarrassing browser history? How to get rid of Frequently Visited on iOS Safari

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For improved browsing privacy on your iPhone, you’ll want to get rid of “Frequently Visited” in Safari.  

The iPhone's Safari web browser makes internet browsing convenient with a highly customizable Start Page that gives you a Privacy Report and shows Siri Suggestions, recently closed tabs, favorite web pages, and frequently visited websites. But if you share your device with others and don’t want them to see your regular internet haunts, it’ll help to do away with the Frequently Visited segment. You’ll also enjoy a more minimalist and clutter-free look on your Safari without this segment.  

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do so in a few simple steps. And after you’ve eliminated the Frequently Visited section from Safari, explore these 9 hidden iPhone features for travellers.  

Steps to get rid of “Frequently Visited” on Safari iPhone

Note: The steps given below were performed on an iPhone running iOS 17

1. Open the start page in Safari

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Open Safari on your iPhone. If you’re not already on the start page, tap the Tabs button in the bottom right, then tap the New Tab button (plus icon) in the bottom left.

2. Tap Edit

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Scroll down the start page and tap Edit.

3. Disable Frequently Visited

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Toggle off Frequently Visited. If you only want to delete some of the frequently visited tabs instead of disabling the feature, then tap and hold the website you want to remove (on the start page) and select Delete

With a few taps and swipes, you've bid farewell to the “Frequently Visited” segment on Safari. Rest easy knowing others can’t see where you hang on the internet, and enjoy the uncluttered browsing space.  

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