Instafest generates your dream festival lineup in seconds using your Spotify or Apple Music history

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If you’ve ever wanted to organize your own music festival, what bands and artists would be on the line-up? Once you know how to use Instafest, you’ll know the answer, the hard part is booking them to play in your backyard! This new trend is very Instagram friendly and with Spotify wrapped approaching, it’s a good warning of what to expect your most listened-to artists are. 

The Instafest site will even give you a score of how ‘basic’ your tastes are but don’t take it personally... we all love Taylor Swift. It’s all in good fun and once you learn how to use Instafest you can join in too.

How to use Instafest

 1. On your browser, visit You can use a mobile device or a computer. Here's we're using a smartphone.

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2. Tap Sign in with Spotify, you can also use or Apple Music (currently in beta and only on desktop).

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3. Sign in with a Spotify account then tap log in

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4.  You will now see the poster for your dream festival line-up, what great taste you have! 

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5. Scroll down and tap to switch between your top artists from the last four weeks, six months or your all-time favorites. You can also adjust the background of the poster with three different options and rename your festival.  

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6. Tap Save and Share to get a social media-friendly version that you can download to your device or share.  

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There you go, looks great right? For extra bragging rights compare basic scores with your friends. A higher basic score means you have more mainstream tastes while a lower score means you go your own way. 

Now you've shared it with your friends, why not vote for who has the best fictional festival by learning how to create a poll in WhatsApp. If you're a bit embarrassed by your top artists  —  don't be, but check out how to change passcode on iPhone so nobody can get into your phone and see. If you're in the mood for music but are having trouble with your AirPods, see how to connect AirPods to an iPad or iPhone.

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