AI at CES 2024: Biggest announcements so far

LG created a cute bot
(Image credit: LG)

Almost every announcement, keynote, and product at CES 2024 so far has included some type of update on of artificial intelligence. From LG’s robot butler to a grill that uses AI to improve cooking time and quality, the technology of the day is everywhere.

In some cases, AI is just a part of a bigger product, like using vision technology in a robot vacuum to improve object avoidance. Elsewhere it is the entire announcement, such as Samsung going “all in” on artificial intelligence across its product range.

Part of this is so companies can capitalize on the hype surrounding AI, which anecdotally makes it easier to get funding. The bigger part is that the technology has matured to a point where it brings significant improvements in some areas.

What has been announced around AI at CES 2024

To better break down the hype and find the real gems I’ve pulled together some of the biggest announcements in the AI space at CES 2024.

LG unveils smart home robot

LG smart home AI agent robot

(Image credit: LG)

LG kicked off its CES showcase with a new robot that promises to turn your smart home into a “Zero Labor Home.” This AI-powered butler bot can organize your smart devices and even keep an eye on your pets when you’re not home.

The admittedly cute LG robot is about a foot tall and moves on two legs, allowing it to patrol your home for potential issues, and even read your emotions to ensure it gives you a better overall at-home experience.

Thanks to the inclusion of Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 Platform, LG's robot uses AI to learn your interests and behaviors and get better over time at serving as a friendly home companion.

Samsung's Ballie home robot

Samsung Ballie workout

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung's new Ballie robot is proof of its commitment to go "all in" on AI at CES 2024. The rolling robot has a built-in projector that can display content while it rolls.

The advanced AI in Ballie can greet you at the door but also come to you when you call to it. And it can project content when you ask it. 

It has built-in front and rear cameras to detect and analyze its surroundings and can even learn recurring user patterns to automate various functions.

When it's time for your next video call, you can pick up Ballie and place it on your desk and it will project that meeting on the nearest wall. Or it can project your workout on the wall while displaying the health metrics from your Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung declares “AI for all” at CES

Galaxy is coming ad

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has been pushing the AI in everything narrative since last year and its keynote at CES — dubbed "AI for all" — turned out to be no different. The company makes everything from smartphones to home appliances and AI will be incorporated across the full range of products.

We've already seen details of refrigerators with cameras and AI vision technology. This allows the device to recommend recipes based on what it can see in the fridge. The company has also unveiled televisions with AI built in that can scale content to improve resolution and enhance the depth perception of an image. And there are also robot mops and vacuums that use AI to seek out stains.

The Korean giant has also unveiled a new oven with an internal camera that you can use to watch your food cook without opening the door. this allows for an AI vision model to monitor the cooking and alert you when its done.

Samsung's biggest AI announcement may be yet to come. Next week, the company hosts Galaxy Unpacked, where it's expected to introduce the new Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones. Samsung has already made it very clear that AI will play a central role with its next flagship devices.

Nvidia expands AI dominance

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Super and RTX 4070 Super promo image

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Despite a near dominance in AI hardware for the past year, Nvidia isn't resting on its laurels. This is likely due to increased competition from Intel, AMD and Qualcomm in chips capable of running and training models.

The company unveiled the GeForce RTX series of desktop graphics cards that, while specifically aimed at the gaming sector, also have a “ready for AI” feel.

Nvidia also announced AI-based software products including NPCs in games with a large language model brain and some degree of autonomy. They can hold dynamic conversations with the user that are different every time. 

There is also a new chatbot you can train with local documents using GeForce hardware. This is more secure than sending data to the cloud for AI processing.

AI coming to a car near you

Volkswagen is adding ChatGPT

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

VW puts ChatGPT in the car

Volkswagen was one of a number of car companies announcing wider use of artificial intelligence as part of its in-car entertainment system.

The German carmaker is bringing OpenAI's ChatGPT to its vehicles, integrated into its existing IDA voice assistant to give it a more natural conversation style and ability to complete more complex requests

Bosch watches your eyes

Also in the vehicle space, Bosch launched a pair of new AI-powered technologies at CES. The eye-tracking technology can see whether you are looking drowsy when you are driving, ask if you need a coffee when you get home and program your coffee machine to have a drink ready when you walk through the door.

The other eye-tracking tech from Bosch could be used while driving to determine what you're looking at and other information about the street sign, building or object. This could even include tell you the opening times of a nearby store or restaurant.

Mercedez-Benz boosts car brain

Mercedes-Benz, which announced its own ChatGPT-based voice assistant last year, announced an upgrade to its in-car technology. 

The MBUX Voice Assistant can use large language models to improve its language profeciency, learns the driver vehicle preferences and adapts to your needs before starting the car and improve in-car navigation graphics in real time.

Cooking and cleaning with AI

Seergrills Perfecta grease tray

(Image credit: Future)

One of the hottest tickets at AI is a smart grill that can reach a staggering 1,652° F and cook the perfect ribeye steak in 90 seconds.

Seergrills says that its Perfecta grill uses a powerful quad-core processor and a suite of smart sensors that measure aspects of the food and environment, including thickness and temperature. This lets you control the cook and get perfect results every time.

To clean up the messes made from eating all that grilled food you need a mop or vacuum. Roborock's latest device uses AI to let it detect obstacles, find complex stains and even call home when it has an issue.

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