Oppo Find X7 Ultra is here with an impressive camera upgrade — but there's the same old catch

Oppo Find X7 Ulta
(Image credit: Oppo)

It appears that Oppo’s latest smartphone, the Find X7 Ultra, has a major design first that could help it compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 16, but, sadly, you won't be able to buy it if you're based in the U.S.

The Find X7 Ultra was recently released in China and is the first smartphone with two periscope cameras. The first camera offers 3x zoom and uses a 1/1.56-inch sensor that Oppo claims is the biggest telephoto sensor in a smartphone. Meanwhile, the second camera offers a 6x optical zoom with a 2.51-inch sensor.

The Find X7 Ultra has an impressive setup, and would undoubtedly lead to some fantastic shots. The larger sensors will mean that the cameras perform better in low light conditions, while the periscope lenses will allow for a more detailed zoom. However, there is still the issue of movement being amplified when using a periscope lens. Essentially, the zoom magnifies movement, meaning a simple twitch can ruin an entire shot.

oppo under display selfie cam prototype

(Image credit: Oppo)

From what we know this is all controlled by Oppo’s new software: the HyperTone Image Engine. This software is designed to reduce digital artifacts while enhancing clarity using the Extra HD Algorithm. This system does, apparently, require 400% more computing power than normal but promises to deliver much cleaner images and clearer details. 

The two periscope cameras are only part of the four that come with the Oppo Find X7 Ultra. The phone is listed with four 50-megapixel cameras, including the main camera that is apparently the first phone on the market to use Sony’s new LYT-900 1-inch sensor. There is also an ultrawide camera with a 1.95-inch sensor. It's an impressive collection and will certainly make the Find X7 Ultra an exciting prospect for any hardcore phone photographer. 

Aside from the cameras the Find X7 Pro is running the SnapDragon 8 Gen 3 processor, with a 5,000 mAh battery. It has a 6.82-inch 1440p screen, with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and between 12-16GB of RAM.

Frustratingly, it appears there are no plans to release the phone outside of China meaning only Chinese phone fans will get to benefit from this impressive new camera tech.

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