Samsung TV lineup 2024: All the new QLED and OLED TVs announced at CES

The Samsung QN900D Neo QLED 8K TV
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No stranger to massive strides in tech upgrades, Samsung is bringing its 2024 TV lineup to the next level with powerful AI upscaling. It all starts with the dual 8K Neo QLEDs that sport stacked spec sheets, like an AI motion enhancer, contrast upgrades, and sound improvements. The two models powering Samsung’s 2024 8K Neo QLEDs will be the QN900D and QN800D, both of which will be the slimmest 8K TVs on the market. 

On the OLED side, Samsung is already highlighting its new TV lineup with shining promise thanks to some stellar glare-free OLED panels — and you can even get a free 4K Crystal Samsung TV when you buy a 2024 model. The S95D takes up from its predecessor with some enhancements like an anti-glare OLED screen. The S90D will kitted out with a Neural Quantum Processor and Pantone Validation for the most vibrant 4K image in tandem with stunning colors. 

The 4K QLEDs are also seeing several improvements, most notably in the form of heightened HDR support, anti-reflection, and slimmer designs. The QN85D and QN90D are sure to be exciting new entries through Motion Xcelerator, smart calibration, and enhanced Dolby Atmos support. 

And that’s not all Samsung brought to CES 2024, as the firm also introduced new lifestyle products, like an upgraded The Frame with a dynamic refresh rate for improved energy efficiency, new Premiere projectors (like the Premiere 8K), and a smaller Music Frame for audio junkies. CES 2024 was also invaded by the Ballie robot, an AI companion with a built-in projector that might be the closest thing we get to a real-world Wall-E. 

Samsung 2024 TVs: OLED lineup

Samsung S95D OLED

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The S95D OLED, a refresh on last year’s S95C OLED — which we gave a perfect score— takes an already well-crafted base and enhances it with a slew of upgrades. It and the lesser S90D will both be the first OLEDs on the market to sport a glare-free panel. The S95D OLED will also have a 144Hz refresh rate, Dolby Atmos with a Top Speaker, FreeSync Premium Pro, and a 70W 4.2.2Ch OTS+ speaker. 

The Slim One Connect Box will also keep the entertainment area as wire-free as can be. With its Infinity One Design, the S95D will also be incredibly thin and easy to set up. 

Alongside its prototype transparent microLED panel, the newest Samsung S95D OLED is marked as one of the best TVs at CES. While we don't have an official hands on just yet, we were allowed a close-up examination of the display in action against the 2023 model. 

Out of all the newest bells and whistles on the S95D, the overriding OLED glare issue might have finally been solved. Samsung has applied a new anti-glare coating to the screen, one that doesn't make any drastic changes to the display's color saturation or brightness. We'll have to wait until the S95D is officially in our hands before making a valid review, but all signs seem to point to this new anti-glare coating being an utter game changer for OLED TVs. 

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Samsung S95D OLED price and availability
Header Cell - Column 0 PriceAvailability
55-inch$2,599April 4
65-inch$3,399April 4
77-inch $4,599April 4

Samsung S90D OLED

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While the S90D OLED might be a bit less exciting than the former, it still comes loaded with some awesome new internals, main among them being a Neural Quantum Processor 4K and a Dolby Atmos-certified speaker system. Additions like FreeSync Premium, Pantone Validation, and a 120Hz refresh rate make it a gamer’s paradise, made all the better through its Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro function that allows it 4K 144Hz VRR support. 

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Samsung S90D OLED price and availability
Row 0 - Cell 0 PriceAvailability
48-inch$1,599May 6
55-inch$1,999March 28
65-inch$2,699March 28
77-inch$3,699May 6
83-inch$5,399May 6


At the tail end of its OLED lineup is the Samsung S85D OLED TV, a more budget-friendly option set across three main sizes. It leverages a native 120Hz refresh rate with Motion Xcelerator technology for crisp gaming potential built on the NQ4 AI Gen2 processor. The S85D also uses Dolby Atmos Sound and the Samsung Gaming Hub for all things game streaming. 

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Samsung S85D OLED price and availability
Row 0 - Cell 0 PriceAvailability
55-inch$1,699May 6
65-inch$2,099May 6
77-inch$3,399May 6

Samsung 2024 TVs: Neo QLED (8K and 4K Mini LED) 

Samsung QN900D on stand in living room

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At 8K resolution, Samsung’s QN900D Neo QLED is certainly a looker. It leverages a wide range of premium features not found on any other models among Samsung’s 2024 TV lineup, including AI Motion Enhancer Pro, an Infinity Screen, 240Hz VRR, Quantum Super Resolution Pro, and (of course) a Mystic Floating Stand. 

The Samsung QN900D Neo 8K QLED leverages the Neural Quantum Processor 8K Pro, which allows for some awesome AI enhancements, like fluid ball-tracking when watching sports or turning SD, HD, and 4K content into 8K video on the fly. An OTS Pro 90W 6.2.4Ch Dolby Atmos-certified speaker is also a major plus. 

We've tested the QN900D ourselves and are still excited for the potential of 8K resolution screens, but don't yet see the overriding potential of this model in the market just yet. For $5,000, it's quite an investment, one that will serve you for several years per 8K's inevitable revolution in due time, though. 

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Samsung QN900D Neo 8K QLED price and availability
Header Cell - Column 0 PriceAvailability
65-inch$4,999April 4
75-inch$6,299April 4
85-inch$7,999April 4

The Samsung QN800D on a white background.

(Image credit: Samsung)


The QN900D steals much of its thunder, but that shouldn’t leave the QN800D Neo QLED out to dry. It sports most of the same features as its more premium brethren, but at a much smaller scale, gifting it similar properties like the AI Motion Enhancer and Quantum Super Resolution (minus the Pro). 

It’s set to be a stunning 8K 120Hz display with loads of potential, like 165Hz VRR and an Ultra Viewing Angle so you never miss what’s on the screen. The QN800D will also be getting the Real Depth Enhancer Pro, which will be available on the QN90D model, as well. 

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Samsung QN800D Neo 8K QLED price and availability
Header Cell - Column 0 PriceAvailability
65-inch$3,499April 8
75-inch$4,499April 8
85-inch$5,999April 8

Samsung QN90D

(Image credit: Samsung)


Both 4K QLEDs are getting a beefed up processor this year, with a ton of AI improvements. The QN90D Neo QLED won’t be a stranger to said AI upgrades, like Real Depth Enhancer, Expert Calibration, and Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro. It will come with a Dolby Atmos OTS+ 60W speaker for incredible audio support in tandem with an Anti Reflection screen, in line with Samsung’s continued commitment to innovating on TV viewing angles. 

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Samsung QN90D Neo QLED price and availability
Header Cell - Column 0 PriceAvailability
43-inch$1,499March 28
50-inch$1,599March 28
55-inch$1,999March 28
65-inch$2,699March 28
75-inch$3,299March 28
85-inch$4,799March 28
98-inch$14,999March 28


The QN85D Neo QLED is also getting the Neural Quantum Processor 4K chip for AI enhancements, like AI HDR remastering and Motion Xcelerator Turbo. An Eye Comfort Mode should make it a bit easier on the eyes where bright lights, flashing colors, and other harmful video effects can be remedied using AI. Built on a NeoSlim Design, the QN85D OLED will also be easy to position across the household, making it ideal for everything from the living room to the kitchen. 

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Samsung QN85D Neo QLED price and availability
Header Cell - Column 0 PriceAvailability
55-inch$1,399March 28
65-inch$1,899March 28
75-inch$2,599March 28
85-inch$3,699March 28

Samsung 2024 TVs: Lifestyle lineup 

The Frame is getting an update in the form of better color validations, improved energy efficiency, and an accompanying application (both web and mobile-based) for streamlined art uploads. A new Art Mode Frequency, as Samsung calls it, will gift the TV a dynamic refresh rate, dropping it down to 60Hz to save monthly wattage where necessary. The addition of an app will also make it easier for users to find and upload their favorite art pieces to The Frame without having to search endlessly for the perfect image thanks to an updated Art Store. 

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Samsung The Frame price and availability
Header Cell - Column 0 PriceAvailability
43-inch$999April 4
50-inch$1,299April 4
55-inch$1,499April 4
65-inch$1,999April 4
75-inch$2,999April 4

Samsung Music Frame

(Image credit: Samsung)

To go alongside it, Samsung has unveiled the Music Frame, which is a much smaller version of The Frame and is being billed as a pseudo subwoofer of sorts. Music can be played over WiFi with clear and crisp audio output from Music Frames that can be positioned on a wall or a surface. They will also support G Symphony for perfected soundscapes across the household. 

If it didn’t already have a ton of world’s firsts with its 2024 TV lineup, Samsung does with the addition of its Premiere 8K, which the company is billing as not only the world’s first 100W output Dolby Atmos projector but also the world’s first 8K projector with wireless connectivity. It will support WiFi 7, LightWarp projection mapping, up to 120 screen size, and a GamingHub, so the gamers aren’t left out of the fun. 

Samsung is also introducing a refreshed projector lineup, including The Premiere 7 and Premiere 9, as well as bringing to market a compact triple laser projector in the Premiere 5 series.  

Samsung 2024 TVs: Outlook 

With no real hands on data (aside from Nick Pino's quick look at the Samsung S95D) or information on availability, we’ll just have to wait and see where Samsung’s new lineup stands in the face of the 2024 TV market. Of clear importance is bringing several changes to viewing angles and glare on OLED panels, as well as AI enhancements and how the tech can better improve our daily content watching. 

But, whether they will be significant improvements or just marketing jargon remains to be seen. It's doubtful we get any real cheaper OLED offerings this year, despite the firm launching several new devices that leverage the panel technology, ie the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 — among the best monitors at CES 2024

Will Samsung be able to pull through against ever-rising competitors as seen in both TCL and Hisense? Most likely, though these two manufacturers are gaining traction and putting out some better-priced TVs might be the answer to Samsung's continued success. 

Pricing and availability on Samsung's 2024 TV lineup won't come until the end of February or March, so stay tuned to Tom's Guide as we'll update this page upon the official announcement. 

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