DreamCloud vs Casper: Which luxury hybrid mattress is the best for sleep?

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is seen on the left of the image on a light blue background, the Caspeer Hybrid is seen on the right hand side with a dark blue background
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The DreamCloud Hybrid and the Casper Original Hybrid are both superb options if you want all the comfort of a foam mattress with the support and feel of a spring bed. On the surface these mattresses look very similar, so we will explore their key differences in this DreamCloud vs Casper comparison piece. 

Both Casper and DreamCloud have great reputations as leading sleep brands, so you know you’re guaranteed great quality at a reasonable price — especially if you take advantage of their frequent sales throughout the year, such as the ongoing Cyber Monday mattress deals (if you're fast, you can still bag a bargain). 

Like many of the beds that feature in our best mattress guide, both the DreamCloud and Casper are hybrid mattresses, which means they are crafted from luxurious layers of foam and springs. Both brands also offer a decent sleep trial and free delivery and returns.  

However, each also offers something unique when it comes to your individual sleep needs, with both offering a different level of support and comfort. There’s a significant difference in price, too. Right now a queen size DreamCloud Hybrid is currently reduced to $799 (was $1,332) vs $1,121.25 (was $1,495) for a queen size Casper Original Hybrid. Is the DreamCloud worth the price hike? Let's find out. 

DreamCloud Hybrid:$839DreamCloud

DreamCloud Hybrid:  from $839 $449 at DreamCloud
The DreamCloud Hybrid ranks highly in our best mattress  guide, largely thanks to its outstanding level of luxury at an incredibly reasonable price. It's still in the upper mid-range price-range, but it has the feel of a far more expensive mattress. In our DreamCloud Hybrid review, we praised its pressure relieving levels of comfort, strong motion isolation (good news for couples and restless sleepers), plus it's temperature regulation. We ranked it 6.5 out of 10 for firmness, which is on the softer side of medium-firm. 

Casper Original Hybrid:$1,095Casper

Casper Original Hybrid: from $1,095 $821.25 at Casper
The Casper Original, which is the Casper Original Hybrid's all-foam counterpart, also occupies a spot in our best mattress guide. However, the hybrid offers increased ventilation, thanks to its layer of coils, which improves temperature regulation. The layers of coil also adds a supportive base layer, plus its zoned support ensures correct spinal alignment while you sleep, which will be good news for anyone suffering from back pain. Casper's current 25% off discount is one of the best you'll see from this brand (we usually see discounts in the region of 10% for the Original and Original Hybrid), but you'll have to be quick as this sale is due to end soon. 

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DreamCloud vs Casper: Specs
Row 0 - Cell 0 DreamCloudCasper
Internal layers: 53
Firmness (1-10):6.56.5
Trial:365 nights110 nights
Warranty:Lifetime10 years
MSRP:$839 to $1,669$1,095 to $1,895

DreamCloud vs Casper: Price & warranty

  •  A queen-size Casper Original Hybrid is usually on sale for $1,495 
  •  A queen-size DreamCloud Hybrid is usually on sale for $1,332 
  •  Both have a sleep trial and warranty — but DreamCloud’s are longer 

Both DreamCloud and Casper offer something different when it comes to trial and warranties. DreamCloud offers a superb 365-night trial and lifetime warranty, while Casper reins it in with a 100-night sleep trial and 10-year limited warranty. 

While both these are decent trials, if you want to test your mattress throughout the seasons then DreamCloud’s 365-night trial certainly gives you the opportunity to do so. In comparison, Casper’s 100 night trial will only see you through a couple of seasons.

When it comes to price, both brands have frequent online sales throughout the year. At full cost, with prices starting from $839 for a twin in the DreamCloud Hybrid vs $1,095 for a twin in the Casper Hybrid, the DreamCloud is the more affordable choice if you’re looking for a smaller size. 

When it comes to discounts, DreamCloud regularly holds 40% off sales. However, Casper rarely offers anything above 10% on their Original and Original Hybrid models, which is why their current 25% discount is worth capitalizing on. Taking into account their current discounts, prices start at $985.50 for a Casper and $529 for a DreamCloud. 

For a queen size, the standard price is $1,332 for the DreamCloud vs $1,495 for the Casper Original Hybrid in the same size. While the discounts vary throughout the year it’s worth keeping in  mind that you will never have to pay full price for either of these mattresses, and delivery is free too. 

The biggest deals usually come with Black Friday mattress sales at the end of November, but if you are looking for a great price at other times of the year, then follow the Casper mattress and DreamCloud mattress sales page to see what’s currently on offer. If you’re looking for further bargains from a wider range of sleep brands then check out our other best affordable mattresses  too. 

The full prices for Casper Original Hybrid vs DreamCloud Hybrid (at the time of writing) are:

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Price comparison
Row 0 - Cell 0 DreamCloudCasper
Twin XL: $1,089$1,195
Cal king:$1,699$1,895
Split king:$2,178N/A

DreamCloud vs Casper price winner: DreamCloud
Both brands offer free delivery and free returns, but that’s where the like-for-like ends. DreamCloud’s generous 365-night trial, lifetime warranty and frequent sales that brings the price down significantly across all sizes, wins hands-down when it comes to value for money.

DreamCloud vs Casper: Materials & design

  •  The Casper is an 11-inch hybrid mattress with three internal layers 
  •  The Nectar is a 14-inch hybrid mattress with five internal layers 
  •  Both feature CertiPUR-US foam layers 

The DreamCloud Hybrid already ranks highly in our best hybrid mattress guide, but both brands pride themselves on using top-quality materials with expert design and construction to create beds with a luxury feel.

Underneath the top cover, the DreamCloud Hybrid has five internal layers versus the Casper Original Hybrid’s three. Casper’s hybrid bed features the brand’s own signature foam with ‘AirScape’ technology that increases airflow, while its zoned support middle layer has three ergonomic zones for support and spinal alignment. 

Next, that all-important spring layer creates a traditional feel providing lift, support and airflow throughout the mattress. This bed also has a firm border to deliver edge support making it easier to get in and out of bed, while providing stability throughout. This makes it a good option for co-sleepers, taller people or anyone who is heavier in weight.

Image shows the internal layers of the DreamCloud Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

The foam used in the Casper Original Hybrid is CertiPUR-US Certified making it hypoallergenic for a more pleasant night’s sleep. Casper prides itself on using planet-friendly materials, and the covers are made using recycled polyester, upcycled cotton, rayon, and Lycra.

The DreamCloud Hybrid offers more plushness to its design with a luxury quilted top made with a cashmere blend. The premium hybrid design includes pressure-activated high-density gel memory foam, while motion transfer control comes courtesy of the supportive middle layer of foam. The hybrid construction features an 8.5-inch layer of individually wrapped innerspring steel coils with reinforced edge support. This also provides plenty of airflow throughout the mattress.

As with the Casper mattress, DreamCloud’s foams are CertiPUR-US, which is tested for content, emissions, and durability.

Casper Original Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Casper)

DreamCloud vs Casper design winner: DreamCloud
While both these best mattress in a box picks are exceptionally well made with top materials, DreamCloud has the edge when it comes to a luxurious feel and design. The quilted top and reinforced edge spring layer are thoughtful touches that add coziness and comfort. The Casper zoned support layer, however, was a welcome addition. 

DreamCloud vs Casper: Comfort & support

  •  The Casper is a medium-firm mattress, rated at 6.5 out of 10 
  •  The DreamCloud is a medium-firm mattress (6.5 out of 10) but feels softer
  •  Both have a reinforced edge and good motion-transfer control  

Both DreamCloud vs Casper's mattresses are medium-firm, meaning plenty of support but with added coziness too. Both come with a lovely luxury feel, but if you prefer a firmer surface then Casper has the edge. If you’re after a touch of plushness, then DreamCloud’s super-cosy hybrid cover and extra layers will give you just that. 

If you’re after less motion transfer, they both do a great job of keeping it to a minimum. The added zoned support found in the Casper Original Hybrid makes things particularly comfortable, allowing sleepers to get targeted cushioning along the pressure points, which also helps with spinal alignment.  

When it comes to the coil layers, DreamCloud’s luxury hybrid option offers half an inch more in height for a touch more bounce, which adds to the luxurious feel. Eight inches of individually wrapped coils provide breathable support that adapts to your body’s shape. Both mattresses have edge support on their spring layers. 

DreamCloud vs Casper comfort & support winner: It’s a draw
It’s a tight contest between the two — DreamCloud offers plushness, while Casper offers targeted support. However, both mattresses are breathable and hypoallergenic. This one comes down to your sleep surface preferences. 

DreamCloud vs Casper: Temperature control

  • DreamCloud’s breathable top layer & cooling gel memory foam dispels heat
  • Casper’s perforated signature foam adds ventilation 
  • Both mattresses have added airiness due to coil layer 

If you want a dedicated cooling mattress, neither Casper’s or DreamCloud’s hybrids claim to be specifically for hot sleepers, but both offer enough breathability for the average sleeper with the beds’ spring layers providing good airflow throughout. However, they do each have added features that can help regulate temperature if you get too hot.

Casper's signature perforated foam helps dispel heat and humidity. DreamCloud Hybrid’s top layer features ultra-light, breathable cashmere fabric, while the cooling gel memory foam and innerspring coils help disperse heat.

Overall, these extra design elements will provide adequate levels of temperature regulation for the average sleeper. But if you want to upgrade your mattress without breaking the bank, then consider adding one of the best cooling toppers to your bed.

DreamCloud vs Casper temperature regulation winner: DreamCloud
While neither of these mattresses might suit you if you sleep particularly hot, the DreamCloud Hybrid wins this category. During our DreamCloud review, we found that it provided excellent temperature regulation, thanks to the combination of a breathable cashmere blend cover and ventilation provided by its coils. 

DreamCloud vs Casper: Which should you buy?

Buy the DreamCloud if...

✅   You want a mattress with an extra-luxurious feel: The DreamCloud Hybrid offers just enough bounce and plushness with high-quality materials that will last.  

 You want a longer sleep trial: It’s difficult to complain about a 365-night trial. This length of time will allow you to test the mattress through different seasons, as well as prolonged periods in bed, such as during illness. If you are not satisfied, then returns are free too. 

✅  You’re on a smaller budget: For all its luxury qualities, the DreamCloud mattress is still an affordable choice. And once you’ve taken the online sales discounts into consideration, the deal just gets sweeter. 

Buy the Casper if...

✅  You need extra support: With its zoned support layer, the Casper is ideal if you’re a combination sleeper, as it will provide cushioning where you need it no matter what position you sleep in.

✅   You want the option to upgrade: This mattress comes with extra features, such as an airy perforated foam layer for a fresher feel as you sleep. But there is also the option to upgrade to Casper’s Snow Hybrid, which offers 5 degrees more cooling. 

✅  You want minimum motion transfer: The reinforced edge and flex coils keep the mattress stable no matter how much you or your partner tosses and turns. 

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