Netflix app is getting axed from these older Apple TVs — see if yours is on the list

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Netflix is going by the wayside on older devices, and older Apple TVs have joined the list of streaming boxes losing access to one of the best streaming services

We recently heard that Netflix would be dropped on older Sony TV sets and now it seems both 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TVs will be joining them, according to a report from MacRumors.

The issue appears to be that the streaming apps are being updated past the point that these old boxes can support them. The Apple TVs losing access to the Netflix app run an older version of iOS rather than the latest version of Apple's tvOS and thus don’t receive regular updates from Apple, which presumably makes it more difficult to maintain the software. 

Those with the aforementioned older models released in 2010-2013 can still watch all of their favorite shows and movies on the streamer up until the app loses access on July 31. Anyone with a newer model can breathe easy, as the 4th generation Apple TV HD and all iterations of the Apple TV 4K will retain access to the Netflix app. 

No more Netflix and chill 

While the loss of Netflix access is a significant blow, it's also something we could have seen coming. The 2nd gen and 3rd gen Apple TV are old enough that they do not run tvOS and don't have access to an App Store, so now that they're pushing 10 years old it might just be time to upgrade if you want to keep watching Netflix. Luckily, you’ll have until the end of July to binge-watch all of the best content, including Netflix's best original movie in Glen Powell’s “Hit Man.” 

In an email to customers quoted by MacRumors, Netflix explained that it aims to pour its resources into newer products in its quest to “maintain the best possible Netflix experience.” 

Dated Apple TVs aren’t alone. As noted above, Sony recently announced the departure of the Netflix app on several of its older TV as well. It cited similar woes of being unable to keep the app up-to-date on older hardware. 

You’ll have until July 31 to experience all of what Netflix has to offer before it’s gone on 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TVs. Looking for an alternative? Try any number of the best streaming devices on the market, like the Roku Streaming Stick 4K or Chromecast with Google TV, or simply upgrade to a newer Apple TV model. 

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