New on Netflix: 5 movies and shows to watch this week (Feb. 5-Feb. 11)

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February is here, bringing a whole new slate of content that's new on Netflix, from magical tales about discovering your heritage to romantic explorations of how one chance encounter can mean forging lifelong bonds with another. It's a leap year, so enjoy this unusually long month with some great new Netflix shows and movies!

You won't want to miss the romantic miniseries "One Day", which finds two college students hooking up for one night, and then reuniting on the same date they first met years later as they find themselves in very different phases of life years later. It's an intriguing study of how you can be irrevocably intertwined with someone else by fate and how it just might mean you might have found your soulmate. 

There's also "Lover, Stalker, Killer", another gripping Netflix docuseries about a chilling love triangle that goes horrible wrong after a single man named Dave Kroupa finds himself the victim of a sordid tale of digital deception. 

Still want some other choices to sift through? There's a full slate to peruse this month, as per usual. Check out our complete day-by-day rundown of what's new on Netflix this week below. 

New on Netflix this week: Top picks

'Luz: The Light of the Heart'

Luz (Mel Lisboa) is a curious girl raised by a Kaingang family who soon finds herself at a crossroads. On one hand, she's seeking the truth about her past, and on the other, she finds herself having to hide who she really is. Her journey of self-discovery takes her plenty of places she never expected to go, but she'll have to question whether it's all been worth it as her ability to conceal her identity ends up being torn away in the end. It's a story about coming to terms with your heritage in your own way that should be perfect for a family movie night. 

Watch on Netflix starting Feb. 7

'One Day'

Emma Morley (Ambika Mod) and Dexter Mayhew (Leo Woodall) find their lives intertwining on the night of their college graduation in 1988. This series follows the pair through the years afterward, revisiting their initial meeting on that exact date as they struggle to figure out exactly that they want out of their lives. With each passing year, their relationship evolves even further as their paths cross and diverge — eventually culminating in a more solid relationship once they know more about each other in the long run. 

Watch on Netflix starting Feb. 8

'A Killer Paradox'

Lee Tang (Choi Woo-Shik) is an everyman who finds himself turned into a killer after a mishap that leaves someone dead in his wake. Detective Jang Nan-gam (Son Suk-Ku) is a hard-boiled gumshoe who ends up coming face to face with Tang while looking for answers about the accidental murder. Things aren't all that they seem, however, when Lee discovers his victim was a notorious serial killer. That soon changes his perception from cold-blooded murderer to avenger, given what he unknowingly accomplished. How should he approach what happened with this newfound knowledge? You'll have to watch and find out. 

Watch on Netflix starting Feb. 9


Carpenter Metin Ali (Alperen Duymaz) and Gokce (Funda Eryigit), the enigmatic wife of a publishing house owner, find their lives coming together in unexpected ways. When Gokce stumbles upon a mysterious book, she finds herself somehow transported into its narrative, taking her on a journey that blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. She becomes obsessed with finding the carpenter, who now lives in her every waking thought, as the pair's lives shift into a new, uncharted dimension. 

Watch on Netflix starting Feb. 9

'Lover, Stalker, Killer'

Dave Kroupa is a single father and mechanic who turns to the digital dating scene in search of companionship. His quest for love soon leaves him entangled with Liz and Cari, two single mothers with vastly different intentions. What starts as a romantic journey for one innocent man quickly devolves into a strange love triangle as Dave soon has to fight for both his safety and that of his family. This documentary includes interviews, detailed reenactments, and insights from law enforcement about everything Dave went through as this documentary explores his time in the dating scene gone wrong. 

Watch on Netflix starting Feb. 9

Everything new on Netflix: Feb. 5-Feb. 11


30 for 30: Four Falls of Buffalo

30 for 30: Nature Boy

Dee & Friends in Oz (Netflix Family)
When a mysterious key transports her to the land of Oz, a regular kid named Dee goes on a musical journey to save magic — and be the hero of the story.

Monk: Seasons 1-8

My Wife and Kids: Seasons 1-5

The Re-Education of Molly Singer


Love Never Lies Poland: Season 2 Part 2 (PL) (Netflix Series)
Six couples put their love on the line by living together in a villa, where, for a few weeks straight, their truthfulness is tested by a modern lie detector. Participants of Love Never Lies Polska lose money for every lie, while telling the truth adds to the total cash prize. The couple that is most honest with each other will win the program.

Luz: The Light of the Heart (BZ) (Netflix Family)
Raised by a kind Kaingang family after a tragedy, adventurous Luz launches a quest with her firefly companion to learn the truth about her roots.

Raël: The Alien Prophet (FR) (Netflix Documentary)
Featuring interviews with his followers, critics and Raël himself, this docuseries traces how a UFO-inspired religion spiraled into a controversial cult.


One Day (GB) (Netflix Series)
After spending graduation night together, Emma and Dexter go their separate ways — but their lives remain intertwined. Based on David Nicholls'  novel.


A Killer Paradox (KR) (Netflix Series)
When one accidental killing leads to another, an average college student finds himself stuck in an endless cat-and-mouse chase with a shrewd detective.

Alpha Males: Season 2 (ES) (Netflix Series)
Nothing changes overnight. No matter how hard the four pals try to do things right, they always find new ways to mess up in work, family and sex.

Ashes (TR) (Netflix Film)
From an intoxicating fantasy to a dangerous affair, a wealthy married woman finds her life irreversibly shattered after picking up an unpublished novel.

Bhakshak (IN) (Netflix Film)
A struggling local journalist begins a dogged investigation into harrowing cases of abuse being covered up at a shelter for young girls.

Lover, Stalker, Killer (GB) (Netflix Documentary)
In this twisting documentary, a mechanic tries online dating for the first time and meets a woman who takes romantic obsession to a deadly extreme.


Horrible Bosses 2 


The Blacklist: Season 10 

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MTV Floribama Shore: Season 1

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