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Finding a PlayStation Portal restock continues to be a challenge. The dedicated remote play device launch last November, but several months later and Sony's supply is still lagging behind the high demand. Much like the PS5 before it, the PS Portal is another piece of tech that many PlayStation fans want but simply can't buy. 

As a device only capable of remote play, the Portal's appeal seemed rather niche, but it's clearly a much more desirable handheld than anticipated as retailers remain sold out of the device. That's why we're tracking restocks across all major retailers. 

Latest PlayStation Portal restock updates

As of 4:00 p.m. ET on April 30, there is PlayStation Portal restock available. Best Buy and Walmart both have it in stock for $199. 

PlayStation Portal alternatives

These PlayStation Portal alternatives are available now:
Backbone One:
$99 @ Amazon
Logitech G Cloud:
was $349 now $299 @ Amazon
Razer Kishi V2:
was $99 now $79 @ Amazon
Nintendo Switch Lite:
was $199 now $197 @ Amazon

The PlayStation Portal is a handheld accessory that lets you remotely play your PS5 console via an 8-inch 1080p LCD display sandwiched in between two halves of a DualSense controller. However, unlike the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, the Portal is not capable of native play. You must be tethered to your PS5 via Wi-Fi at all times, so it requires a strong internet connection to function. 

The PlayStation Portal retails at a list price of $199 but its initial popularity has led to unscrupulous resellers trying to shift units at a sizable markup (forcing one TG staffer to overpaid for a PS Portal, which they soon regretted). We can’t stand scalpers at Tom’s Guide which is why we’re tracking stock at every major retailer to help you score a Portal without paying an overinflated fee. 

The bad news is that finding a PlayStation Portal is pretty tricky right now. However, the stock situation could change at any moment so it's still worth checking each retailer below. And bookmark this page for the latest PlayStation Portal restock updates as soon as we get them. (Also, check out our impressions after using the PlayStation Portal for a month and our experience taking the PS5 device on a trip).

PlayStation Portal restock tracker

Where to buy PlayStation Portal in U.S.

As of April 30, the PlayStation Portal is in stock at Walmart and Best Buy. We don't expect inventory to last long, so grab this while you can.  

Don't lose hope if you're still looking for a Portal as Best Buy's latest drop was very significant. The accessory remained available for days rather than hours. While it's now sold out, this could be a sign that supply is finally catching up to demand. So, be sure to keep checking each retailer listing as stock could appear at any moment. 

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Best Buy (check stock)
In stock!

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Best Buy (check stock)
In stock!
Best Buy has the PlayStation Portal in stock right now, but we expect the electronics retailer will sell out soon, so keep a watch on its listing page. 

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Walmart (check stock)
In stock!

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Walmart (check stock)
In stock!
Walmart also has the PlayStation Portal back in stock. 

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ PlayStation Direct (check stock)
PlayStation Direct is Sony's official gaming retailer, so is one of the best places to shop for all things PlayStation. Remember, you'll need a PlayStation account to purchase one when it next restocks. 

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Amazon

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Amazon (check stock)
Amazon is currently sold out of the PlayStation Portal. There are several third-party listings but these are demanding as much as $439 for a "Like New" condition unit. It's best to wait for Amazon to restock to avoid paying these inflated prices.

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ GameStop

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ GameStop (check stock)
GameStop is sold out of the PlayStation Portal right now, but the gaming speciality retailer restocked the device earlier this week so hopefully its next drop isn't far behind. 

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Target

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Target (check stock)
Unfortunately, Target is another major retailer that is currently sold out of the PlayStation Portal right now. However, we're keeping a close eye on its listing page and will update you when the situation changes. Target offers a stock notification service, so you can get stock updates delivered to your inbox.

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Newegg

PlayStation Portal: $199 @ Newegg (check stock)
NewEgg is also selling the PlayStation Portal. While it is currently sold out of the handheld device, it does offer a notification service. This is especially handy if you want stock updates delivered straight to you.  

Where to buy PlayStation Portal in U.K.

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ PlayStation Direct (IN STOCK)
Like its U.S. counterpart, the U.K. branch of PlayStation Direct is currently selling the PlayStation Portal. Right now the device is available from this official retailer. 

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ Game

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ Game (IN STOCK)
The U.K.'s dedicated gaming retailer has been sold out of the PlayStation Portal for a while, but right now, it's taking fresh orders, and the device is still in stock. 

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ Amazon

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ Amazon (check stock)
Amazon U.K. notes that the PlayStation Portal is a "#1 Best Seller" and for that reason, it's not unsurprising it's out of stock. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the online mega-retailer restocks the Portal soon. 

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ Currys

PlayStation Portal: £199 @ Currys (check stock)
Currys is similarly sold out of the PlayStation Portal right now. While there's no suggestion of an impending restock be sure to check back as the situation may change at a moment's notice. 

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