The DualSense Edge is Sony's answer to Microsoft's Elite controller

A photo with a Sony DualSense Edge from the front and a second DualSense Edge from the back.
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Looks like Sony has the biggest announcement of gamescom 2022 so far.

The video game publisher-developer-console manufacturer announced the DualSense Edge in a tweet earlier this afternoon. The new controller will feature customizable controls, back buttons, changeable stick caps and more. 

If these features all sound familiar, that’s because they are essentially the same features you get on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Microsoft’s high-end controller is an excellent controller, with its biggest knock being its $179 price point. If the DualSense Edge performs as well as the Elite 2 though, Sony will gain significant ground on Microsoft in terms of who has the best controller on the market. 

DualSense Edge: Features 

A photo of the Sony DualSense Edge controller from the front

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The biggest benefit of controllers like the Xbox Elite 2 or the newly announced DualSense Edge is the customization — and you can customize a lot. You can remap buttons, create multiple profiles and even swap out the stick caps (standard, low dome, high dome) and the back buttons (half-dome and lever). There is also an analog selector for trigger sensitivity with three settings, so you can genuinely get an edge on the competition with this controller.

Personally, the mappable back buttons are the key feature, and why I love my Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 1 so much. They allow you to move your hands and fingers significantly less when playing, which is key to maintaining an advantage in numerous games, from Rocket League to Call of Duty.

In addition to the customization, the DualSense Edge also comes with the ability to fully replace your stick modules in the controller. This could allow users to extend the life of their controller significantly if the feature works as advertised. And of course, it comes with all the features of the standard PS5 DualSense controller

DualSense Edge: Release date and price 

A image of the Sony DualSense Edge controller from the side.

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Unfortunately, Sony’s announcement did not come with a release date nor a price point. Given its similarities to the Xbox Elite 2, it wouldn't be a shock to see it come in at a similar price. Especially since the Xbox Series X controller and the DualShock 4 (and later the PS5 DualSense) controllers were not dramatically different in terms of list price.

However, Sony may want to reduce the price (even to $150) to give those that are not the most ardent PS5 fans a reason to choose the DualSense Edge over the Elite 2 for gaming on PC. While Sony has not confirmed that the DualSense Edge will work on PC, it would be a serious error to put out a high-end controller that doesn't support PC.

If you cannot wait for the DualSense Edge to come out, check out our list of the best game controllers to see which controller is the one to beat right now. Also, don't forget to continue to follow along our gamescom 2022 coverage, including the Future Games Show on August 24. 

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