Don’t disregard refurbished — this refurb Oculus Quest 2 is just $199 right now

Oculus Quest 2
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The Oculus Quest 2, now titled Meta Quest 2, is our pick for the best VR headset you can buy. It’s practically perfect in almost every aspect — the only problem is that it’s hard to find on sale.

Luckily, our prayers have been answered. Right now, a refurbished Oculus Quest 2 is just $199 at Walmart. That's $100 off the original MSRP. Do note, this is for the now discontinued 64GB model. For comparison, the current 128GB Meta Quest 2 sells for $299, so the extra 64GB of storage might be worth it for some.

Oculus Quest 2 (refurbished): now $199 @ Walmart

Oculus Quest 2 (refurbished): now $199 @ Walmart
The Oculus Quest 2 is our pick for the best VR headset around. This refurbished model gets you a great discount on the headset’s usual price of $299. It’s a great VR machine that just works — and Walmart offers a one-year warranty it’s refurb products, so you can buy with confidence. 

In our Oculus Quest 2 review, we were impressed with it in almost every area. It’s comfortable to wear, has an expansive library of titles and its top-notch built-in audio system means every game and video sounds great.

While 64GB might not sound like a lot, generally Quest games aren't as heavy as console titles. Many games clock in at under a gigabyte, with even the largest ones, like Resident Evil 4 VR and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, coming in at around 8GB.

You can expand the Meta Quest 2’s game library even further with an Oculus Link Cable, which is sold separately. This cable will allow you to connect the Meta Quest 2 to a VR-ready PC to play more VR titles, like Fallout 4 VR, Star Wars: Squadrons and Half Life: Alyx. Also, the Meta Quest 2 can connect to PCs wirelessly as well. This feature comes standard with the Oculus Rift VR headset, but you’ll be saving money if you decide to pick up a Meta Quest 2 and an Oculus Link Cable rather than the $399 asking price of the Rift.

The Meta Quest 2 is definitely worth the money for those wanting to dive headfirst into the amazing world of VR games and experiences. It’s even better now that you can save an extra $100 on the device. If you'd prefer buy new rather than refurbished, you can get a 128GB Oculus Quest 2 for just $299 at Walmart right now.

If you're still not sure the Oculus Quest 2 is the right VR headset for you, check out our list of the best VR headsets to help narrow down your decision.

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