Meta Quest 3S launch tipped as Meta Connect 2024 dates announced

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When will Meta announce the lite version of the Meta Quest 3? After accidentally listing the Meta Quest 3S in the Meta Store last week, it’s been widely assumed that we’ll see some announcement soon, possibly at the Summer Game Fest 2024 next week.

Between Geoff Keighley downplaying expectations for Summer Game Fest 2024 and the recently announced Meta Connect 2024, it’s looking like we won’t see any new hardware from Meta until September. 

Meta Connect is an annual press conference at which the company unveils new hardware from its Reality Labs division. Both the Meta Quest 3 and the Meta Quest Pro were revealed at previous events. Taking place on September 25 and 26, “we’ll have updates to share on our work across AI plus a look at what’s next for Quest,” Meta said in a statement.

Initially spotted by Tech Radar, it sounds like Meta is planning a summer-long tour of VR games, sales and free weekends for certain multiplayer games.

Schedule for the Meta Summer Fest 2024

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We already knew that Meta would show off Camouflaj’s Batman: Arkham Shadow game at Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2024. Meta has now revealed that the game will launch in late 2024. Many speculated that Meta would unveil the Quest 3S during their turn at Summer Game Fest.

For the rest of the summer, Meta holds what the company calls Summer Fest 2024.

Games like the battle royale shooter Population: One is getting major updates, while some games are getting free weekends.

Meta usually announces new games during an annual Games Showcase, but between the Geoff Keighley show and this Summer Fest, we’ll see if any new VR games other than Batman get announced in the next three months.

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