macOS Sequoia's Layouts just fixed the worst thing about Mac vs Windows

WWDC 2024
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's WWDC keynote gave us our first look at the next version of macOS. Known as macOS Sequoia, it brings with it a number of different features — including the ability to automatically snap app windows to various areas of the screen.

Apple calls this customization feature Layouts and, just like Snap Layouts in Windows, you can drag and drop windows into pre-selected arrays. Whether you want to split them horizontally or vertically, the operating system will let you quickly organize your desktop screen for maximum productivity.

Until now, you've had to either use Spaces to make separate virtual displays for your windows or tap the green button to full-screen one in a view that locks that window into a virtual desktop, where one other window can go alongside it.

Finally, you can put apps side-by-side or pull them into the corners to have macOS Sequoia snap them in place. Users can also employ new keyboard and menu shortcuts to arrange tiles even faster.

We can hear Windows users muttering under their breath that this feature has been available on Microsoft's OS for a while, which is true. In fact, Windows 11 introduced its window management feature Snap Assist back in 2022. But it's great to see Apple catching up here. Previously, Mac users had to look at third-party options like Rectangle to recreate the feature.

Alongside the new iPhone Mirroring feature, this is sure to become one of the most useful additions for regular Mac users. You can follow all the other announcements from the WWDC keynote in our live blog right here.

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