Opera joining AI race — will add ChatGPT to its web browser

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The latest browser to join the AI race is Opera, which is set to incorporate ChatGPT into its web browser. This comes after Microsoft and Google announced their own AI chat-engine’s this week. CNBC reported that Opera’s parent company Kunlun Tech also declared its integration with ChatGPT.

Opera does not mention the exact details of the integration of the chatbot that has taken the internet world by storm. The company has many products that include web browsers for desktop and mobile and variations of the web browser as well. There is also a game development platform and a video streaming service, but it is unclear if these will also have ChatGPT integrated.

Opera is not the only web browser to get ChatGPT. Microsoft is integrating Open AI’s ChatGPT into its Bing search engine and has also said its Edge browser will benefit from the chatbot AI. Google has quickly launched its own AI for its search engine dubbed Google Bard. The chatbot AI had a somewhat rocky start and it faltered during its first demo, costing Google over $100 billion

OpenAI is a Microsoft-backed company that allows certain companies access to GPT-powered developer features but other than OpenAI, only Microsoft has access to the source code. Just a few months back, Kunlun Tech said that its work in AI generated content like music and images will be made open source.

If you used Opera a long time back, it might be time to give the browser a try again as it will now bring the sophisticated AI chatbot. The function of ChatGPT on Opera is not immediately clear but since the AI is chat-based, it is possible it will be used in a search-based capacity similar to how it will work on Bing

Kunlun Tech has not yet said when Opera will roll out the AI to its browsers.

Statcounter data for January reports that Google’s Chrome browser has the largest market share worldwide at 65.4%, while Microsoft’s Edge browser has 4.5% share. According to this, Opera ranks sixth in the worldwide browser market with a 2.4% share. 

The AI race is getting heated with big tech companies jumping on the bandwagon. While Opera has also thrown its hat in the ring, big players like Baidu and Alibaba are also said to be working on their own ChatGPT rivals. 

The AI chatbots have raised questions about plagiarism and ethics. While Google’s Bard doesn’t provide a citation of its sources, Bing’s new GPT-powered chatbot does mention its sources. While this is a new technology that will take some time to find its footing, we will keep a close eye on all the potential features, benefits and security concerns these chatbots bring.

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