Google Maps just got a major upgrade that solves our biggest problem with EVs

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In a bid to help electric vehicle owners get useful information about charging stations, Google is rolling out new AI-assisted features to Google Maps and Search

According to Google, the AI features will summarize reviews provided by customers of EV charging stations. Specifically, the company will use that information to display directions to chargers in trickier spots, like multi-level parking garages. 

Of course, Maps will prompt users to submit feedback about EV chargers they use, which is fed into the algorithm. The feedback will be fairly detailed, as Google will ask for details like what type of plug the charger used and how long it took.

The details are then compiled in Google’s algorithm and summarized to hopefully provide more accurate descriptions of EV charging stations for future users. 

Google Maps EV Charging station

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The Verge noted that Google has a track record of utilizing AI tools to help EV owners. For example, Google Maps just received generative AI in February, and the first crack was designed to act as more of a local guide for users.

Since then, it has already integrated AI into route planning and EV plug locating. However, the latest tool seems far more detailed than the previous features.

We’re not sure how they’re tracking this, but Google said in its announcement that Google Maps will soon show nearby chargers on the in-car map. Information like real-time port availability and charging speed will also be included.

Google Maps AI EV charging

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Finally, the company is expanding its route planning features. Simply, Maps suggests charging locations for vehicles that have Google built-in. Now, that capability is expanding to multi-stop trips, which seems geared toward road trips. Maps will suggest stops based on the car’s battery level. Google did note that this feature will only be available to cars that have Google built-in.

Finally, Google Maps will also help roadtrippers find charger-friendly places to stop overnight while traveling.

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