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Camera, Video and Conclusion

Quick Review of the Motorola RAZR Android Smartphone

The camera is an 8MP module, which is fairly standard across all high-end phones these days. The image quality isn't anything to write home about, but it gets the job done. Unlike with the iPhone 4S, it doesn't seem to up the contrast and saturation, but the Razr still seems to produce somewhat muted-looking pictures. The camera app also has a panorama mode, but even with multiple attempts, we were unable to get one that was properly focused all throughout the scene. The panorama mode appears to focus on the first point of the scene and is unable to adjust its focus during the sweep from side to side.

Videos support up to 1080p and also feature an auto-stabilization mode. This worked fairly well as evidenced in our test footage below:

Motorola RAZR Stock Settings Video

Motorola RAZR Stabilized Video

We also use the Razr to capture some very cool ice cream making at a nearby mall.

Flash Freezing Ice Cream at the Cream Brewery in Toronto

Bottom Line

Overall, the Razr is worthy of its name; it's very thin and well built. The main issues seem to be in the glitchy software, but the solid hardware makes us wish that we could run Android 4.0 on it today. Of course, with Ice Cream Sandwich only on the Galaxy Nexus at the present moment, the Razr's Gingerbread 2.3.5 puts it on a level playing field against every other Android phone. Motorola's Smart Actions is indeed very useful and something missed when using other handsets.

The good news is that Motorola has promised that the Razr will receive an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich, though there's no definite timetable for that yet. We've learned (via Sony Ericsson) that Google's code for Android 4.0 is catered towards Texas Instruments chips, which is fortunate for the Razr's TI OMAP 4430 because it's a close relative to the OMAP 4460 found in the Galaxy Nexus. This should help Motorola in crafting its own Ice Cream Sandwich for the Razr.

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