New Smartwatch Doubles as Bluetooth Headset

Some smartwatches let you make calls right from your wrist, like the new Samsung Gear 2, but talking to your arm looks weird. HeadWatch is a touch-operated smartwatch with a face that can be removed and used as a Bluetooth headset. The company behind the product is accepting orders now via crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The new device pairs with your smartphone so you can launch apps and receive notifications on your wrist and ear. You can get a HeadWatch for yourself at an early adopter price of $169, and expect to receive it in March 2015. At launch, however, the HeadWatch is expected to retail for $249 in five color options, including black, grey, red and orange.

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In a video on HeadWatch's Indiegogo campaign page, a woman answers a call from her phone by swiping the watch face, then detaching it from the wristband and sliding it onto her ear to carry on the conversation. She also reads messages from her wrist, navigating the smartwatch by interacting with its touch screen. It isn't clear what operating system the HeadWatch uses, but its makers say it is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

HeadWatch pairs with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and a connection is  triggered by scanning a QR code displayed on the watch face. The smartwatch also has a built-in temperature sensor so you can monitor how hot or cold things around you are. It packs RGB strip lights for colored notifications and remains on until it runs out of juice.

Packing a battery that HeadWatch says should last at least two days with mixed use as a watch and a headset, the device charges via USB and can withstand being submerged under up to one meter (39 inches) of water. The company doesn't mention how long the watch can be under water.

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  • Algernon Ex
    cant wait to see people put back that headset in "watch position" and realise it's all smeared with dirty grease from their ears :-)
  • WebsWalker
    cant wait to see people put back that headset in "watch position" and realise it's all smeared with dirty grease from their ears :-)
    Definitely!It is funny to me how from smaller and smaller phone we suddenly turned to bigger-screens smartphone. I can understand the need, but here... Why the hell would I have a screen on my ear? I really wonder what kind of drugs the product-designer-team took when the came up with that. Hey guys what about a 2" screen on the ear! People will use it to hear better for the 1080p Screen and 1 millions colors is definitely what nowadays headsets are lacking...