Facebook May Acquire Microsoft's Advertising Platform Atlas

Social network leader, Facebook, is purportedly set to agree on a deal to acquire Microsoft's advertising platform, Atlas.

Though talk of the discussions surfaced in December, the agreement could be announced as early as next week. The price of the deal is expected to be less than $100 million.

Atlas Solutions is an ad-serving company that assists advertisers in purchasing and managing ads. Microsoft acquired the platform after purchasing aQuantive in 2007 for $6 billion. However, the software giant said it suffered a fiscal fourth quarter charge of $6.2 billion in order to predominately write down its 2007 purchase of aQuantive.

Advertisers and ad agencies, as well as firms such as AT&T, utilized Atlas to place ads on websites, as well as to measure the performance of their advertising. However, customers have since flocked to competitors including Google, which purchased DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.


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  • milktea
    Here's the bigger news about FB...
    Facebook "face recognition" BANED in entire Europe!

    Tom's, you gotta get these news posted fast!
  • susyque747
    Two evil businesses that should be shunned.
  • tokencode
    susyque747Two evil businesses that should be shunned.

    While Microsoft might not be the most likable company to some people (although I think Bill Gates put the money made to a great use) , they are no where NEAR as evil as FB...