Google Pixel Watch 3 tipped for massive display upgrade — what you need to know

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Early rumors regarding the Google Pixel Watch 3 made the next generation of Google smartwatches seem more like an iterative update. However, a new report from Android Authority points to a much more significant upgrade than previously suspected.

The report appears to confirm that the Pixel Watch 3 will come in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. This is similar to what rivals Samsung and Apple offer in their watch lines. The larger model might be called the Pixel Watch 3 XL. There will be LTE and Wi-fi/Bluetooth-only versions as well. 

The processor could be unchanged, with the Pixel Watch 3 featuring the same Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chip as the Watch 2. The standard 41mm will have the same 310 mAh battery, while the 45mm size will feature a 420 mAh battery.

Most of this is information we already had. What's new regards the display and a wish we desperately wanted on whatever Pixel Watch Google next released.

Graphic by Android Authority showing new bezels on the Pixel Watch 3

(Image credit: Android Authority)

According to the report, the Pixel Watch 3 will finally reduce the size of the bezels, which we found to be overly prominent on the Watch 2.

The Pixel Watch 2 featured bezels with a width of 5.5mm. Both sizes of the new Watch will feature a reduced bezel width of 4.5mm. Compared to the Apple Watch 9 and the new Galaxy Watch 7, it doesn't seem small, but it's still a significant upgrade. From an image shared by Android Authority, the difference seems more pronounced on the larger XL size. This bumps the display sizes to 1.2 and 1.4 inches for the two sizes.

With the larger display and smaller bezels, it appears Google is also making the display brighter. It will be capable of up to 2,000 nits, a 100% upgrade over the Pixel Watch 2, which only reached 1,000.

Other new features

Google seems to lean toward adding ultra-wideband support to upcoming devices, such as the new Find My Device trackers. A recent FCC listing featuring the Pixel Watch 3 hinted at the watches getting UWB support and NFC and multi-Wi-Fi ranges.

UWB could enable the Pixel Watch to unlock your car if you own a BMW, Hyundai or Kia. 

The Android Authority report also claims a list of four new colorways. The standard 41mm size will get a silver case with a rose quartz band, a black case and obsidian band, a gold case with a hazel band, and a silver case with a porcelain band. This is much the same as the Pixel Watch 2. 

The larger Pixel Watch 3 XL will allegedly have a hazel case with a hazel band, a black case and an obsidian band and a silver case and a porcelain band.

Google is expected to debut the Pixel Watch 3 next month on August 13 at the Made by Google, where the company will also launch the Pixel 9 smartphone series.

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