Google Pixel Watch 3 XL just revealed in leaked images — it’s definitely bigger

Leaked image of the Google Pixel Watch 3 XL smartwatch
(Image credit: OnLeaks/AndroidAuthority)

This week, we’ve already seen leaked images of Google’s next watch, the Pixel Watch 3. Rumors have suggested that Google will also release a larger version of the watch, which will be called the Google Pixel Watch 3 XL. A confusing moniker, considering Google did have the Pixel 3 XL phone that debuted in 2018.

Regular leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks on X) dropped a set of images purporting to be the larger smartwatch, shared to Android Headlines

Like the previously released images from OnLeaks for the Pixel Watch 3, the design appears to be unchanged from the Pixel Watch 2. It is an elegant design, so perhaps Google feels that it doesn’t really need to change. The XL appears to be a larger version.

Leaked image of the Google Pixel Watch 3 XL front and back

(Image credit: OnLeaks/Android Authority)

It has been suggested that Google would remove buttons from the next Pixel Watch but we can clearly see at least one button above the crown on the right side of the watch face.

The regular Pixel Watch 3 is expected to have a 1.2-inch display, similar to previous Pixel Watches. The new XL is supposed to have a 1.45-inch display. The full dimensions for the XL will be 45mm x 45mm x 13.89. In comparison, the Pixel Watch 3 will have a 41mm frame.

If those sizes are true, it appears that Google is looking to match competitors. Samsung and Apple have similar sizes for their smartwatches.

Leaked image of the Google Pixel Watch 3 XL smartwatch, close up view of band

(Image credit: OnLeaks/Android Authority)

We haven’t seen any information about whether or not the Pixel Watch 3 is getting a new battery, but Wear OS 5 is supposed to provide massive battery improvements. The Pixel Watch 2's battery is just OK compared to the best smartwatches, so this is on our wishlist for the next watch.

The Pixel Watch 3 XL will come with a larger band attachment system. Not that we would expect it, but it does mean that the bands for the XL and the standard Watch 3 will not be interchangeable. However, swapping bands between the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 should be available.

When it debuted, the Pixel Watch 2 had prices of $349 and $399 (depending on if you had the LTE version). We have not seen a potential price for the newer XL version, though it would make sense for it to call into a similar range.

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