Google Gemini app could get these upgrades to help you while in the background

Google Gemini
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Gemini Live could work in the background as you use other apps, or even when the screen is locked, ensuring the real-time conversational AI is "always available."

Google's answer to OpenAI's GPT-4o advanced voice or Apple's updated Siri, Gemini Live is set to arrive this summer and will allow users to have two-way conversations with the AI using natural language. Specifics on how it will work have been scarce.

A recent APK teardown by 9to5 Google has revealed that Gemini has code strings indicating that users could continue the chat while using other apps. 

These code strings mention how a “background_mode” will “let you continue (Gemini) Live chats while using other app or while your screen is locked.”

What this means for Android users

Google Gemini locked screen options

(Image credit: 9to5 Google)

In theory, this will make Gemini much more seamless to use, something that might help it stand against Apple Intelligence

This feature will create a notification at the top of the screen that users can tap on to quickly ask a question or respond to Google Gemini without having to swap apps.

Stopping the conversation is also simple, according to the teardown. Just say “stop “ to end the chat or go through the persistent notification in the top corner of the screen.

What isn't clear is whether users will be able to use speech to talk with Gemini while using these other apps. This feature is already available in ChatGPT with the current Basic Voice and will continue with Advanced Voice when it launches later this year.

What else might be coming to Gemini

Gemini on Motorola Razr Plus 2024.

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Google is also working to let Gemini do more when your device is locked. Currently, it is possible to enable Google Gemini to set alarms and timers while the phone screen is locked, but most other commands require unlocking the phone. However, it appears that Google is including an “extensions on lock screen” option which will work in conjunction with Message, Workspace and Home Automation

Google Gemini functioning like this will make adding relevant information to chats much easier, but the question remains if it will be enough to draw in users after the recent slew of issues. Google is still coping with the backlash surrounding its AI Overview showing off false reports as news. While Google has stated that the majority of strange responses are only a small percentage of reports, it still has the issue that Gemini tends to report old or out-of-date information.

It’s no secret that Google Gemini is not the best on-board AI, and Apple Intelligence paired with ChatGPT is a big concern for the company. While these changes might not allow Gemini to catch up with its competitors, it's a step in the right direction. 

It should be mentioned that code found in APK Teardowns doesn’t always mean the feature is coming soon, if at all. However, if this news has reignited your interest in testing out Google’s AI then we have 7 Google Gemini prompts to get the best idea of how the software works and what it can do. 

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