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10 Vista Problems You Didn't Know You Had

Living With Vista: It is Possible

In the 20-odd months I’ve been working with Windows Vista, I’ve built and maintained more than 20 Vista desktop machines, and have worked extensively with an equal number of Vista notebook PCs. It’s true that Vista takes some getting used to, and involves a bit of learning to grasp its many visual changes and new capabilities. That said, I’m a member of the “it’s not as bad as you think” club when it comes to assessing my overall reactions and attitudes to this always fascinating and sometimes frustrating operating system.

If you really want to make Vista work properly, you will have to do some work yourself. There’s just no getting away from elbow grease, regular Web searches and reading if you truly want to understand what Vista is doing, how it works, and how to deal with its occasional failures and foibles. But maybe you’re not really interested in understanding Vista. For some of us, getting knee-deep in OS jargon makes us say “I don’t want to know.” For those of you, I’ve collected ten sneaky Vista dilemmas you probably didn’t know about, and handy solutions for solving them. 

Here, I’ve distilled some information about the most useful tools, tips, and techniques for making the most out of a Windows Vista system. You’ll learn about Volume Shadow Copies and how to keep them from overshadowing your disk space, how to clean up after Vista SP1, and how to remove applications cleanly and completely from your Vista PC. You’ll also learn how to capture and troubleshoot bluescreen errors, delete protected Vista files, manage USB hubs and ports, maintain device drivers, work with disk image backups, and much more. 

You’ve heard all the tough talk about Vista, but you may not have noticed the operating system’s particular troublemaking characteristics. With this guide, you should be able to smooth out many of the bumps before you realize they exist.