What's on Sky Q? Best TV Shows and Movies on Sky

UPDATE: March 11 - We've added our recommendations of the best TV shows and movies you should be watching on Sky Q in March, including the fantastic Game of Thrones. Catch up now, ready for the show's final season which arrives in April. 

Provided you’ve got money to spare or a very specific taste in film and TV genres, Sky Q can provide for you. By purchasing different packages on top of the base price, you can add exactly the kind of content you’re looking for.

If you need help deciding if the Sky Q service is what you are looking for, then consult our guide. If you’re after recommendations of what to watch from its many channels or Sky's original content, then you’re in the right place. Below are our favourite shows and movies on the service.

Credit: HBO

(Image credit: HBO)

TV Picks

Game of Thrones

Once a series of long and detailed fantasy novels, the similarly lengthy and in-depth show has reached seven seasons, with the new and final series beginning on April 15 this year. The land of Westeros is in grave danger, from the battles for the Iron Throne in the south and an unrelenting icy threat from the north. Will any of the characters in this murderous show survive?


Credit: Sky Vision

(Image credit: Sky Vision)

A brand new series starring Sean Bean, Adam Brody and Billy Zane. The show takes place in a Britain that’s been hit by a dangerous viral outbreak, resulting in the titular curfew. The characters seek sanctuary from both the virus and the government, which can only be achieved through a 1000 km illegal street race.

The Walking Dead

A zombie series concentrating on a group of survivors living in what was once Georgia, USA. Our hero is Rick Grimes, a sheriff who awakens in hospital after the outbreak, and sets out to find his family and find somewhere that’s safe from the ‘walkers’.

The Affair

This show literally helps you see things from different perspectives. Noah and Allison, the two people having the affair, each remember the events of their relationship differently, and you get to see both sides in each episode. Who’s remembering the truth, or are they both lying to themselves about how things came to pass?

Patrick Melrose

Credit: Sky Vision

(Image credit: Sky Vision)

Benedict Cumberbatch plays a different kind of upper-class Englishman compared to what you've seen him do before in this five-part drama. After suffering a severe breakdown when retrieving his father’s ashes from New York, Patrick resolves to rid himself of his addictions once and for all. The series jumps forward through time, showing his continuing battle with drugs and coming to terms with his difficult upbringing.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

Harry Clayton is a detective with a gambling problem. After a particularly dramatic loss at the casino one night, he is gifted a bracelet by a mysterious woman. The bracelet gives Clayton the power to control luck, but he quickly learns that there are consequences to tilting the odds in your favour.


Ocean’s 8

After Danny Ocean’s three outings with his heist crew, his sister, an equally capable criminal mastermind, gets a film of her own. With an all-female team of experts, Debbie Ocean seeks to steal a valuable necklace off the neck of its wearer during the Met Gala ball. Naturally, even the best plans don’t always work out, and so the team must quickly adapt to get away with their scheme.


Credit: Aviron Pictures

(Image credit: Aviron Pictures)

A film you have to watch purely for its unbelievable plot twist alone, the premise is equally enticing. A fishing boat captain reunites with his ex-wife, because she wants him to help kill her new husband. Despite being quite content on his quest to catch an enormous tuna named ‘Justice’, the captain agrees. Apologies to Firefly fans, this is not the Serenity you’re looking for.

Deadpool 2

Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, decides to join up with the X-Men for his second film, and ends up fighting against time-travelling super soldier Cable, who has come from the future to take down a dangerous mutant while they’re still vulnerable. Of course while the serious plot’s going on, Deadpool is still making the endearingly irritating jokes and references that the character is known for.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It’s been four years since the events of the previous film, Jurassic World (spoiler, it didn’t end well for the dinosaur park). But with the island’s volcano due to erupt soon, a small team of former Jurassic World employees returns to the park to save the dinosaurs, with the assistance of a new independent benefactor.

The Greatest Showman

Credit: 20th Century Fox

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

A musical retelling of the life of P.T. Barnum, the creator of one of America’s most famous circuses. Going from shipping clerk to ringmaster involves many risks and bold decisions, which alienates the ambitious Barnum from his family. At the same time, the show’s performers, targeted by protesters and the press, look to each other for support while the eyes of the world are on them.

Blade Runner 2049

The original cyberpunk dystopia hasn’t improved since the original film. Replicants, bio-engineered beings almost indistinguishable from humans, are still hunted down by blade runners when they go rogue. However, when it’s discovered that the replicants might be able to reproduce on their own, K, a replicant blade runner, is tasked with confirming the truth, and then burying it.

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