Nokia Workers Mourn Symbian With Walk-out

Things must be pretty chaotic at Nokia right now. Yes, we've heard the "sink or swim" feelings from the new CEO of the company and now we know the new direction of its marriage to Windows Phone 7.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop responded in a Q&A session that a there will be "substantial reductions in employment." Uh oh, that never sounds good to someone in the workforce, but with the new shift of Nokia handing over much of its software responsibilities to Microsoft, there could be some redundancies.

Nokia workers – many of them Symbian developers – staged a bit of a quiet protest as last week, as many as a thousand employees walked out of their jobs during the day. Some workers didn't even show up to work, but they took the day off using their flex time.


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  • FrozenGpu
    Fire them and show 'em whose boss!
  • stm1185
    They should fire the Symbian devs. If they had done their job right Nokia wouldn't have needed to start using Windows.
  • bsbsbsbs
    Quick Google hire them all and make Android even better!