Steam Summer Sale: Here Are the Best Deals

The Steam Summer Sale ends today, July 5, so now's your last chance to score thousands of great PC games both big and small for next to nothing.

To help you make the most of Valve's annual video game shopping holiday before it wraps up, here are the best deals so far by category.

Big blockbusters

Awesome indies

Multiplayer must-haves

VR deals: HTC Vive and tons of games

From now through July 5, the HTC Vive headset will be discounted to $749 on, and buying one will get you a $50 Steam gift card that you can spend on buckets of games during the sale.  Also, a whole bunch of VR games are discounted -- here are some highlights:

What are some good Steam Summer Sale shopping tips?

  • You should add any games you're hoping to score for cheap to your Steam wishlist. This way, you'll get an email notification if one of those games goes on sale.
  • If the game you want isn't on sale right away, don't give up hope! Valve rolls out new deals every day throughout the duration of the sale.
  • Download the Steam mobile app for iOS or Android so you can keep track of deals and buy games on the go.
  • Don't feel compelled to buy a game just because it's on sale. Steam sales are infamous for leaving gamers with huge backlogs they'll never touch, and while it's never bad to have spare games handy for a rainy day, you should make sure you're spending your cash on titles you actually plan on playing.
Michael Andronico

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