Best Android Music Players

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  • artrook
    You forgot the best player of them all - VLC. It is is simply fantastic player for both music and video
  • tuodiqi
    It is is simply fantastic player for both music and video
  • YOA78
    I would've put JetAudio Player in there too... it's one of the few (if not only) music players that allow for A-B repeat functionality. You can also purchase additional audio plug-ins (such as AMD and... like two others) for additional sound enhancements that are in addition to the built-in eq and tonal adjustments.
  • runningman
    I used some of the other popular ones for the past few years but recently been using Jukebox Music Player. It works pretty good. Much easier to search and pick songs/albums to listen to than most other music players I've tried. And it fetches the lyrics for almost every song. I sometimes have to make sure my tags are right. But I'm pretty particular about that and it can find lyrics to almost every song I have.
  • MV10
    DoubleTwist is also ad-cluttered.