15 Best Desktop Bittorrent Clients for P2P Sharing

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  • jeffunit
    uTorrent is windows only, and is not open source.
    Vuze runs almost everywhere, and is open source.

    You should mention what platforms the bittorrent clients support, as not everyone runs windows.
  • Anonymous
    µTorrent is not windows only. Mac runs happily too.
  • hydac7
    Qbittorrent is the best client ever invented and before that utorrent 2.0.4 was the best ;)
  • Anonymous
    Supported OS should be mentioned.

    Strangely, but there is nothing about Transmission (Transmission-Qt Win), the official client of many Unix-like OS.
  • Anonymous
    don't even consider a client that isn't open source. qBittorrent is my favorite. it's just like uTorrent before it turned crap.
  • rembo666
    What, no Transmission? I abandoned µTorrent quite a while ago and switched to Transmission, because µTorrent has been suffering from "featuritis" for quite a while now. It no longer deserves it's "micro" moniker.
  • DarkSable
    Also, just throwing out there, uTorrent also supports bandwidth management and magnet linking.

    Perhaps before you recommend something based on it's competitors lack of features, you see if it's competitors lack those features.
  • cRACKmONKEY421
    I agree with above about Transmission. It is the best of the torrent clients that can run on regular routers with attached storage, which makes it the best client of all if you have one of those routers. Can't beat being able to have the torrents run all day without having the computer turned on. Not getting that info out is a bit of a fail for this article. Not to mention, there are many different user interfaces options and no bloatware with Transmission. Those two things alone put it above most torrent clients on this list. Most of them are packed with bloatware now.
  • xpeh
    Personally, I think qBittorrent is better than uTorrent. I've been getting up to 4MBps download on qBittorrent, while I get 2 with uTorrent. Both are set up exactly the same.
  • Sterling Stewart
    I run Windows.And i love LINUX also.
  • Brian Cooper
    Some of these screenshots look really bad! I wouldn't download ABC even if my life depended on it. You should also add Torch browser to the list. It has an integrated torrent client that works perfectly.
  • codo
    I dont like utorrent anymore, as soon as they start pushing garbage downloads in the install it falls out of favor with me. I was using tixati for a while, but it really doesn't like Windows 8, as of the last time I tried it. Vuze is very nice but not as lean on resources as some others, I prefer minimalistic.
  • Divyanshu Sah
    No mediaget. Why? It is better than fdm for torrents.
  • ipwn3r456
    Lol I am looking at this while I am downloading a torrent...
  • xelliz
    Nice article, I'll definitely have to try our qbittorrent. Honestly I am surprised to see Vuze on the list because in my experience, with each update it just becomes more and more bloatware.
  • ap3x
    Tixati in my opinion is the best. No cutsie stuff. Just technical all kinds of information about what is going on with your transfer.
  • Siharyvani
    what the advantage that qBittorrent got over other torrent clients i didnt get it yet
  • CitizenSmith
    I have used Vuze since it came out as Azureus and although it has become slightly bloated and slightly pestering to sign up to a paid version, it still is in my book the one to go for, It has many features that the others don't have and one really important feature you can't do without especially if your downloading err stuff that's questionable!!! lol need I say more, a built-in IP filter which you can download the latest filters from blocklistpro it saves running multiple programs to do one job, I haven't found better yet, If anyone knows of a better one that can do what Vuze can with an IP filter please post up, Utorrent reminds me of Kazza basic at best.
  • viliivanov
    qbittorent rocks. Fabulous!!
  • Taylor Greu
    uTorrent was a total pos client last time I tried, I was lucky to get >100kb/s out of it, regardless of any bandwidth tweaking to ensure sufficient upload for packet confirmation. Flashget happily saturates my connection around 700kb/s but crashes far too often, and recently rarely handles magnet links. Looking at this thread for an alternative