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Nokia Thinks You've Just Been Beta Testing Smartphones

Nokia's gearing up to launch a new ad campaign that's poking fun at all the smartphone users who have been toting around Androids and iPhones (and even Symbians?) over the last few years. Nokia's shot is that users of such phones have just been beta testing for what it has in store, which will undoubtedly be a Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

Specifically, Nokia is attacking the iPhone 4's notorious antenna problems, as well as the shared glass construction it has with the iPhone 4S. Nokia also pokes at washed out displays in the sunlight, though that's more a property of AMOLED technology.

The curtain lifts in a few hours, but until then, let's see the stingers Nokia prepped:

UPDATE: the big reveal was as everyone suspected; the Nokia Lumia 900 is officially launched in the U.S. on AT&T. Here's the promo video along with what could be the campaign's first advertisement:

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