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4 New Netbooks

Asus Eee PC 1005HA-H

The screen

As with the 1008HA, the other Asus in this series, the manufacturer has gone for a glossy screen. Designed for portability, in our opinion a matte screen would have been a better choice for these products as was decided for the 1000HE. The quality of the screen is very slightly up on the 1008HA on two points: the contrast ratio is up to 270:1 and max brightness to 173 cd/m². These are nevertheless poor scores. In terms of the other test components (viewing angles, colour accuracy, colour dominance) we see the same faults as with the 1008HA and this makes for a poor screen overall. To correct the colours download a calibration profile.

The Asus Eee PC 1005HA is part of the manufacturer’s Seashell range. Also included in this range are the 1008HA, a slightly higher end, slimmer machine and the 1005HA-M, very similar to the ‘H’ but with a matte screen.




Handling, design and build

Slightly thicker than the 1008HA, this model is similar in overall design with a different finish. It does not have covers for the connectors, leaving the USB and other sockets open to the air.

Mini Jack, USB, RJ45Touchpad

SD readerVGA, USB

Processor Power

The results are more or less identical to those obtained for the 1008HA and all other netbooks with Intel Atom processors. What you need to remember is that they can carry out all types of operation (video editing, photo work) but they require 3 to 6 times as much time as standard laptops with a modern dual core processor.

Playing films, you’ll have to draw the line at heavy HD files (Blu-Ray type files).


Generally speaking, gaming on netbooks is only for real enthusiasts willing to put up with highly compromised quality.


If you’re used to the improvements of Dolby processing that are now found on all laptops, the mediocrity of the sound here is very obvious. Don’t count on the built-in speakers and we’ve heard much better in terms of the headphones out.

Battery life and portability

When we weighed our test model it came in at 1.2 Kg. This is 100 grams more than the 1008HA. The extra weight (attributable in large part to the battery), gives it 2 hours extra battery life for a total of 5h31. This is an excellent scrore, even if the 1000HE (250g heavier) does a bit better at 5h53.


Intel Atom N280 1.66 GHzHard Drive
120 GB

Graphic Chipset
Optical Drive

262 x 178 x 36.5mm

10 inches (1024x600)Weight
1.27 kg


  • 5h20 battery life
  • 1 extra USB on the 1008HA
  • Lighter than the 1000HE
  • Large keyboard
  • Brighter screen than the 1008HA


  • Glossy panel
  • 100 g heavier than the 1008HA
  • Noisy when a lot of demand put on it
  • Poor screen

Light (1.2 Kg), with long battery life (5h20), a large keyboard and a 10 inch screen, the 1005HA has many good points. Two troubling aspects nevertheless: its glossy screen and noise levels when in load.