Minecraft Fails PS4 Certification

You may have read from a reputable outfit, such as this one, that Minecraft will make its way to PlayStation 4 sometime this month, but time makes fools of us all. In this instance, the unlucky party is 4J Studios, whose PS4 version of Minecraft failed Sony's certification, likely resulting in a delay for anticipated port.

4J Studios, a Scottish development team that's headed up all of the console versions of Minecraft, revealed this information in a disappointed tweet. While the developer did not specify what exactly caused Sony to withhold the stamp of approval, it did point out that it's already in the process of fixing said issues and will need to resubmit the project all over again.

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PS4 certification assures that a game is playable and safe for Sony hardware, but since games with bugs often slip past, the issues with Minecraft were likely more damning than mere graphical or gameplay glitches. Part of the certification process requires each game to have Trophies and Remote Play options, however. Remote Play in particular could throw a development team for a loop, particularly one that's as used to developing for Microsoft consoles as 4J Studios.

With only nine days left in the month, 4J Studios would be hard-pressed to meet its August release date for the PS4 version. This, in turn, could delay the Xbox One and PlayStation Vita versions of the game, which were also set to release this month. The company has yet to share any new information on updated release dates.

In the meantime, you can still play Minecraft on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS and Android if you, or your kids, just can't get enough blocky goodness.

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