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Microsoft and Samsung Teaming Up on 'Powerful' AR Headset (Report)

Samsung has signed on with Microsoft to develop new wireless headsets that will use both virtual reality and augmented reality, according to a new report.

The new headset wouldn't rely on a phone like the Gear VR above. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The new headset wouldn't rely on a phone like the Gear VR above. Credit: Tom's Guide)

Speaking to The Korea Times on Wednesday (May 9), an unidentified Samsung official said that the company is working with Microsoft to develop "cordless and high-priced headsets for both VR and AR." The company added that the headsets it's developing with Microsoft will rely on Samsung's own processors, sensors, and OLED screen technology. SamMobile earlier reported on the official's comments.

While it's unknown when the headsets might launch, it appears the relationship between Microsoft and Samsung is deep. The headsets will apparently run on Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform, judging by the Samsung official saying that the software giant has "lowered its demand for royalties." Another Samsung official who was not identified added that Samsung has already requested that Microsoft use Samsung's processors and other technology in other Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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It's perhaps no surprise the companies are doubling down on virtual reality and augmented reality. All major tech companies are currently looking at the technology and are trying to attack the market in different ways. Apple is said to be working on an AR headset. It's possible that the Microsoft-Samsung tie-up could be direct competition to Apple's eventual offering.

But exactly what might come of Microsoft and Samsung's arrangement is unclear at this point. The official didn't say exactly what the final headsets might look like and didn't say when they might launch. The companies are believed to be readying their devices for IFA 2018, which kicks off from Berlin in August.