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The LG G7 Could Top the Galaxy S9 with This Feature

All of the flagship smartphone talk of late has centered on Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. But a new leak suggests LG could steal the show.

Credit: TigerMobiles

(Image credit: TigerMobiles)

The folks over at TigerMobiles have obtained a rendering of what they say is the upcoming LG G7. Although details are scant on what exactly the smartphone might offer, the image appears to show a device with a screen-to-body ratio that could top what you'd find in this year's Galaxy S9.

The image, which was published on Friday, shows an exceedingly thin bezel at the top where the earpiece and front-facing camera is located. Around the sides and the bottom of the handset, the bezel is practically eliminated, creating the appearance of a device covered entirely by a screen.

In fact, the smartphone's design is reminiscent of the iPhone X, which, save for the "notch" where the earpiece and front-facing camera live, is all screen.

That stands in stark contrast to the Galaxy S9, which is expected to come with a nearly identical design to last year's models. Those devices, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, had thin bezels at the top and bottom. LG, it seems, has found a way to remove the bottom bezel.

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Last year marked an important shift in smartphone design. While companies had been offering designs with bezels all around, Samsung and others started eliminating those bezels to put more emphasis on the content that mattered most. The move also meant screen sizes could increase and the displays themselves would make up a larger portion of the total body size.

While LG attempted that last year with its G6, the handset was largely ignored by those who found more value in Samsung's Galaxy S8 line. It also helped that Samsung was running the latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 processor and spent boatloads on advertising to overcome some of the challenges it faced with 2016's Galaxy Note 7.

But it's a new year. And when LG unveils its G7 sometime in March, it could challenge Samsung's Galaxy S9.

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