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Impossible Burger to Top Little Caesar’s Pizzas With New Impossible Sausage

Credit: Little Caesars

(Image credit: Little Caesars)

Impossible Foods, the plant-based meat manufacturing start up that rose to fame thanks to its Impossible Burger, is getting into the sausage business. The company’s Impossible Sausage will be a topping at Little Caesars.

According to CNBC, Little Caesars’ new Impossible Supreme will use the new meat-less sausage for $12 a pie. The company will first test the new vegan pizza in its locations at Fort Myers, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Yakima, Washington.

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Plant-based fake meat products are quickly rising to popularity fueled by people looking for healthier foods, concerns for the environment, and curiosity. Impossible Foods have been spearheading that move with its Impossible Burger.

The second version of the meat tastes “shockingly good” according to our own Caitlin McGarry: “was impressed when I sliced the burger in half to assess its preparation — medium-rare, perfectly pink, with juices that had soaked into the bun,” McGarry wrote back on April 2019, “then I started chewing. The well-seasoned not-beef exploded with umami, and even more importantly, the texture was so close to beef that if I hadn’t known what I was eating, I would have happily assumed it was a cow.”

The Little Caesars move comes after Burger King decided to roll out the Impossible Whopper across all its locations in the United States. Right now, you can buy Impossible Foods in 7,000 restaurants across the country, including White Castle and Red Robin. The success has been so big that the Oakland, California company is having trouble keeting up with demand, and it’s rushing to increase manufacturing capacity.

  • razor512
    Little Caesars pizza has gotten really overpriced. While they have improved, especially with the ones such as the "ExtraMostBestest" ones, but with their more recent price increases, they are not at a higher price per gram than other brands that in my opinion taste better, such as Pizza Hut, and Domino's Pizza.
    This is especially the case in areas such as NY where al of the locations charge $3 above the list prices on the ads you see on TV and online.