This iPhone 4S Mod Lets You Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

Charging a phone wirelessly? Doesn't the technology already exist?

Well, yes. But options like the Powermat involve charging your phone wirelessly with a jacket. However, Tanveer, a doctor who moonlights as a modder, has come up with an iPhone mod to allow you to charge your phone without having to cover it up in a jacket.

Do note that if you try this mod yourself, you will revoke the warranty on your iPhone.

Before you begin, the mod requires a prebuilt wireless charger such as the Powermat, basic soldering skills, a spare charger port assembly, a thin wire gauge, and an iPhone 4S.

The process involves soldering wires from the charging port to specific pins (which he details in the video) on the spare charger port assembly. The wires then need to connect to the USB points on the wireless receiver. The wireless charging circuit apparently adds, according to his video, an extra millimeter of thickness to your iPhone. In order to make extra room, you'll have to remove a metal plate from the back glass of the 4S original cover.

After you reattach the cover, you're all set. You should be able to charge simply by putting your iPhone 4S down to charge. Twirl it all about… it'll keep charging. 

Catherine Cai is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Tom's Guide, Tom's Hardware, VG 24/7, RipTen, and The Game Fanatics. She has also worked as a lead producer for video game projects, a manager and lighting director for the stage, and a software engineer. Currently, she works as a Production Engineering Manager for Shopify.