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Honda Unveils New Autonomous ASIMO Robot

The new ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) is claimed to be the world's first robot with "autonomous behavior control technology." According to Honda, the robot can continue moving or continue a task even if it is not controlled by an operator.

Honda refers to this new feature as "decision making capability" to come up with appropriate behavior in certain environments via an approach that predicts the next input of an operator, based on visual and audio sensor input that communicates the changes surrounding the robot.

The company said that ASIMO is now also capable of predicting the direction a person will walk within the next few seconds as it analyzes "information from pre-set space sensors and quickly determining to take an alternate path to avoid a collision with the person if the estimated locations of the person and the ASIMO intersect." The new model has a considerably higher moving speed of 9 km/hour, up from 6 km/hour of the previous model.