Genie Smart Lock Opens Doors with Your Phone

Smart locks aren't exactly a rare commodity, but if you absolutely can't live without one that attaches to a door handle, your options are limited. The Genie Smart Lock is a Bluetooth lock system that connects to a handle rather than a bolt lock, and at present, it's the only one to do so.

If you're familiar with Bluetooth smart locks, you can probably take a pretty good guess at what the Genie does. Users can control the lock via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and lock or unlock a door at will. This allows a person to lock the doors before bed or let in a repairman while traveling.

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The Genie will offer both a mobile app and a Bluetooth fob (sold separately) so that users can get in and out of their homes without keys. They can also send and receive additional access codes (for a price) so that friends, extended family and maintenance staff can access their homes in their absence.

Beyond that, the Genie has few extra features. A programmable screen displays the time, the temperature and the user's name, while users can also open the Genie manually and use a key in case something goes wrong with the electronics.

The Genie smart lock is not yet available for pre-order, although interested users can sign up to be notified when it is. The device costs $299 by itself (pre-orders will cost $249 instead), and $329 with a Bluetooth fob and unlimited extra access keys.

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