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Samsung's Galaxy S9 Could Get This Major Overhaul

Samsung hasn't even released its upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 8 yet — that's coming later this week — but that's not stopping rumors about next year's Galaxy S9 from surfacing.

Image Credit: Samsung/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Image Credit: Samsung/Tom's Guide)

Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief at Mobile-Review, tweeted recently that Samsung's Galaxy S9 will come with a modular design similar to that of the Motorola Moto Z handsets. The feature would ostensibly allow you to swap in components of your choosing to add different functions to Samsung's flagship smartphone.

Lenovo-owned Motorola has built its high-end smartphone reputation on modularity. The company offers a range of components, like camera accessories and battery packs, that can be added to its smartphones to boost its features. While the concept has been generally well-received, Motorola doesn't have the clout that Samsung does.

Meanwhile, Samsung has largely clung to a traditional smartphone design. This year's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ upped the design ante a bit with curved screens that are flanked by exceedingly thin bezels. That has left Samsung with no choice but to remove the physical home button in the Galaxy S8 line and rely on a fingerprint sensor on the back.

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It's unclear how the rumored modularity features could work with the Galaxy S9, but Samsung would likely need to make another design tweak to make the feature work properly. And whether the phone maker would even want to do it is unclear — LG didn't have much luck when it tried a modular design on its flagship phone with 2016's G5.

According to Murtazin, whose leak was earlier reported on by SamMobile, Samsung is only considering the possibility of modularity right now and the feature hasn't yet reached final approval. So it's possible that the modularity idea will be shelved and Samsung will instead stick to a traditional design.

Beyond some design changes, SamMobile is citing reports out of Asia that Samsung will work with Qualcomm on the Galaxy S9's next chip: the Snapdragon 845. It could be the first smartphone to launch with the new processor. Little is known about Qualcomm's next mobile processor, though last week, the chip maker revealed a new image sensor that will enhance face recognition and depth sensing.

Samsung's Galaxy S9 is expected to be unveiled in the early part of 2018.