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Galaxy S9 Rumor Kills Coolest Feature

Samsung's Galaxy S9 might not come with the iPhone X-beating feature you had hoped it would offer.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Korean tech giant has decided against bundling a virtual fingerprint sensor baked into the Galaxy S9's display, SamMobile is reporting, citing a "China-based source" that has proven reliable in the past. The person says that the fingerprint sensor will be physical, but stopped short of saying exactly where it might be.

The claim follows earlier reports that have said Samsung is planning to again put a physical sensor on the back of its Galaxy S9. But whether it'll go in the inconvenient spot where it's located on the Galaxy S8 is unknown.

Samsung earlier this year was said to be working on a virtual fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S8. However, after failing to get it to work properly, the feature was scrapped and Samsung was forced to place its physical sensor next to the rear-facing camera. The move made the sensor difficult to reach and could cause rear camera lens smudging when users missed their mark.

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There had been some hope that Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 would be the first from Samsung to come with a virtual sensor, but again, Samsung couldn't get it to work and placed the biometric component next to the rear camera.

Even Apple had trouble with a virtual fingerprint in its iPhone X and was reportedly forced to scrap the idea entirely. Now, Apple is using a Face ID facial scanner as its central biometric component.

Aside from a physical fingerprint sensor, Samsung's Galaxy S9 is expected to come with several improvements, including an improved facial scanner that can scan a person's face in 3D. The device is also expected to be the first to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor, but come with a nearly identical design to last year's model.