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Samsung's Galaxy S9 Will 'Change a Lot'

There had been some reports that Samsung would only make minor tweaks to its upcoming Galaxy S9. But a new report says the company is actually planning some big changes.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Samsung's Galaxy S9 will "change a lot," a China-based source told SamMobile, a Samsung-tracking site. While the person didn't divulge too many details on the company's plans, he or she is someone that has been extremely accurate in the past, and made predictions that ultimately came true about the Galaxy S8 and other devices, according to the report.

The person said that Samsung might have a surprise in store for the Galaxy S9's fingerprint sensor. Instead of offering a virtual sensor, as has been rumored, the person believes Samsung won't be able to get a virtual sensor ready in time. Instead, the company could ultimately decide to add a physical sensor to the rear of the device or remove the fingerprint sensor entirely, similar to what Apple did in its iPhone X.

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If Samsung actually offers a rear sensor, it's expected that the company will move it closer to the middle of the rear panel, making it a bit easier to access than the one in the Galaxy S8 that sits next to its rear camera. Aside from that, Samsung is expected to bring the dual camera array that it bundled in the Galaxy Note 8 in the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

Samsung has also reportedly partnered with Qualcomm on the chip-maker's next high-end processor, the Snapdragon 845, and is believed to have again secured an exclusive with the Korean giant that will ensure the Galaxy S9 gets the Snapdragon 845 before its competitors.

For its part, Samsung has remained silent about its plans for the Galaxy S9, and as it did with the Galaxy S8. The company will likely release its new flagship in either February or March next year.

  • navita_tftuser_01
    Such an amazing phone. I just loved it !!
  • MrSatyre
    Slow news day? Again? Ooooooo! The fingerprint sensor only journalists care about might be moving! A faster CPU! Dual camera sensors! All the things that have been speculated about for the past year is suddenly "news" again!

    Wake me when you have something solid to report on. Something that's actually new news, not old, rumored news.