Galaxy S10 May Get Triple Cameras to Crush Apple, Huawei

A new reports says that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 will have an entirely revamped camera system designed to beat the Huwaei P20’s excellent three-sensor setup and the Apple iPhone XS’ dual-camera arrangement.

The Galaxy S9 has dual rear cameras, but the S10 Plus could get three. Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: The Galaxy S9 has dual rear cameras, but the S10 Plus could get three. Credit: Tom's Guide)

According to Korean publication ET News, the three-sensor camera will only be included in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the alleged ultra-premium model of a three-model lineup. The ET Times — as well as other sources — claim that the S10 will come in three flavors: ultra-premium, premium, and standard, presumably to go head to head against Apple’s own three-model line-up.

According to tech blog TechnoBuffalo, a source claimed to be accurate in the past says that the top-of-the-line Galaxy S10 will include a 12-megapixel sensor wide-angle lens and a 78-degree field of view, a 16-MP super wide-angle lens (123-degree FOV), and a 13-MP camaera with telephoto lens (45-degree FOV).

This still falls short of the 40-megapixel camera in the Huawei P20, which also has a dedicated monochrome sensor to pick up detail and boost night shot performance. The ET Times says that Samsung is having a hard time securing enough sensor components for the new phone line, so they are looking to diversify providers to be able to meet demand.

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Both the ET Times and TechnoBuffalo also claim that the standard and premium models will have two cameras on the back — the same wide-angle and super wide-angle cameras as the Plus. The standard model will only have one camera on the front while the premium and ultra-premium models will feature two cameras, presumably to support a similar face identification and 3D depth capture as the iPhone X series.

The rumors also claim that there will be no fingerprint sensor under the display, contradicting previous claims that said Samsung was going to include an ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor.

As always, we will have to wait until the phone is in our hands to see if there is really a three-sensor camera and how well it performs compared to the P20, the XS, and, hopefully Nokias' 5-sensor camera spider eye N8, too.

On that note, while the Galaxy S10 may be announced at the end of February 2019, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the ET times claims it will be available on March 13.

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