Here's the Best Galaxy S10 Deal We've Seen Yet

Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy S10 lineup for 2019. And while the new phones can be a bit on the expensive side, some retailers are finding ways to defray those costs. So far, Sam's Club might have the best offer.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

To attract early shoppers to its stores, Sam's Club is offering a savings of up to $330 on the purchase of one of the company's new Galaxy S10 models. To get the full offer, you'll need to pick up the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+. When you do, you'll get a $200 Sam's Club gift card, as well as a pair of Galaxy Buds, Samsung's AirPods alternatives, for free. In total, it represents a $330 value.

If you opt for the Galaxy S10e, however, Sam's Club will offer you a $100 gift card with your purchase. You won't get free Galaxy Buds.

Save Up to $330 on Galaxy S10

While the deal is not a straight cash offer and you'll need to redeem your gift card in a Sam's Club store to get the full value, it's not necessarily a bad option for someone who wants to buy a new Galaxy S10.

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The Galaxy S10e starts at $750, despite being the budget-friendly model. And if you opt for the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10+, pricing will start at $900 or $1,000. The more storage you want, the more you'll be forking over.

This Sam's Club offer only applies if you're willing to put the phone on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or U.S. Cellular networks. So, you're a T-Mobile user, you're out of luck. Additionally, the deal is available if you agree to an installment plan with one of those carriers. Those who would want to buy the handset at full price won't be able to take advantage of the offer.

Sam's Club has already begun taking pre-orders on the devices. To qualify, you'll need to have your pre-order in place by Mar. 3.

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