Samsung Galaxy S10 Cameras: What You Need To Know

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is here and, as we’ve all come to expect from Samsung’s flagship range, it packs an impressive set of camera specs.

In all there are four variants of the S10, each with their own slightly different camera spec list.  Here are the five new camera features common to all the phones, as well as a comparison of what each phone offers..

Standout Galaxy S10 camera features

1. ToF sensor

Time of Flight is one of the most interesting features in phone cameras at the moment. The sensor detects the depth of field in an image and this, in turn, bolsters the quality of the phone’s other features like AR and face detection. Samsung has put this technology in its Galaxy S10 5G range, which is set to be out sometime this summer.

2. Ultra wide-angle setup

This was one of the standout features on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and now it has come to the Galaxy S10 range. The benefit of an ultra wide-angle lens (in this case, a 16-MP variant) is two-fold: It offers the ability to create brilliant wide landscape shots, where much more scenery is captured by the camera, and it helps with super close-ups, too.The 16-MP sensor—found on the entire S10 range—uses 0.5x zoom technology and has a 123-degree viewing angle, akin to the human eye.

3. Super Steady Video

Similar to the GoPro Hero7, Super Steady Video on the Samsung Galaxy S10 makes use of the ultra-wide lens and trims footage in post processing to keep the subject stable. The demonstration we saw was of two mountain bikers on a trail and the new Super Steady Video footage was, well, super steady.

4. Best Shot

This is a feature that will choose your best shot for you, thanks to some nifty AI that has learned what the best shot of a place or scene by analyzing 100 million odd images. It works by notifying you when you have composed the best shot of a scene by turning the circle in the middle of the screen yellow.

5. Scene Optimization

Yes, the S9 had a similar feature but Samsung has added 10 new scenes to its scene optimization technology, which adapt the color and tone of your shots to make them look more professional.. Some of the new scenes include pets and babies.

Camera Spec breakdown

These are the camera specs coming to the new Galaxy S10 family

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Rear CamerasFront Camera(s)
Samsung Galaxy S10e16-MP Ultra Wide, 12-MP telephotoDual Pixel 10-MP
Samsung Galaxy S1016-MP Ultra Wide, 12-MP wide-angle, 12-MP telephotoDual Pixel 10-MP
Samsung Galaxy S10+16-MP Ultra Wide, 12-MP wide-angle, 12-MP telephotoDual Pixel 10-MP, 8-MP (Depth/f2.2)
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G16-MP Ultra Wide, 12-MP wide-angle, 12-MP telephoto, hQVGA 3D Depth sensing cameraDual Pixel 10-MP, 8-MP (Depth/f2.2), hQVGA 3D Depth sensing camera

Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is Samsung’s funky iPhone XR contender, offering up a number of full-fat S10 smarts but has a slightly reduced camera setup. While it doesn’t have the same cameras array as the rest of the range (see below), it does one-up the Galaxy S9 by offering a dual camera setup on the back, comprising a 16-MP Ultra Wide lens, and a 12-MP telephoto lens.

On the front there’s a solitary Dual Pixel 10-MP selfie punch-hole camera that’s primed for selfie shots.

Samsung Galaxy S10

On the rear of the S10 are three cameras: a rear dual pixel 12-MP wide-angle lens and a 12-MP telephoto zoom lens, both of which are the same megapixel count that was found on the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

The biggest addition here is the ultra-wide angle shooting mode, which comes in the form of a 16-MP Ultra Wide lens.This is a mode that’s already appeared on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro;  it means that you can shoot at 0.5x to get super up-close to your subjects or take a lovely nice wide landscape shot of an image.

Flip the handset over and there’s one dual-pixel 10-MP camera on the front. This is the same front-facing camera that can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Now this is where things get really interesting. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has all the cameras of the S10, so it’s the same triple-lens setup on the rear. But its front-facing camera has been given a massive upgrade, thanks to an additional 8-MP (Depth/f2.2) lens. This should add in much more depth to the images you take and help with things like bokeh.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Although not out until the summer, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is shaping up to be the camera phone to beat. It comes with all the rear cameras that can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S10+, as well as a new hQVGA 3D Depth sensing camera. This (ToF) Time of Flight camera allows better spatial perception so it means that things like AR and VR should be improved thanks to this sensor.

Samsung is really serious about this technology and has added this sensor both to the front and the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Phones such as the Oppo R17 Pro and the Honor View 20 already use a ToF sensor, so it’s good to see Samsung using this technology in the device.

Credit: Tom's Guide

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