Reverend: PCs Can Store Evil Spirits

This is over 10 years old but still worth the mention. Back in 2000, in a book titled The Devil in the Machine: Is Your Computer Possessed by a Demon?, Reverend Jim Peasboro writes that “any PC built after 1985 has the storage capacity to house an evil spirit.”

At first glance, it looks like Peasboro was explaining how a computer can facilitate evil acts through a metaphor. Let’s face it, computers (and the Internet) do facilitate badness like the distribution of child porn (and the “normal” sort of porn that’s still offensive to religious sensibilities) and identify theft. And perhaps by “evil spirit” he really means “virus”, “trojan", or “malware”, right?

The other passages from the book (“one in 10 computers in America now houses some type of evil spirit” and “Technicians can replace the hard drive and reinstall the software, getting rid of the wicked spirit permanently”) left me confused however. If Mr. Peasboro believes that demons can actually possess a computer, why would mere computer technicians be capable for “exorcising” the evil spirits from the hardware? Perhaps it’s Peasboro’s metaphor fleshed out—basically a computer reformat explained in supernatural terms. No virus or malware can survive that!

But I’ve saved the best for last. While using an “infected” computer, Peasboro writes that an AI suddenly appeared:

“The program began talking directly to me, openly mocked me. It typed out, 'Preacher, you are a weakling and your God is a damn liar.' Then the device went haywire and started printing out what looked like gobbledygook...I later had an expert in dead languages examine the text. It turned out to be a stream of obscenities written in a 2,800-year-old Mesopotamian dialect!”

I’m left wondering if the Reverend actually believes that a demon spoke to him in tongues through a computer, or if he was using supernatural metaphors to explain the dangers of unsafe computing to his readers. The average computer user is notoriously dense (not their fault), so it would make sense present computers as a special device, with improper use leading to supernatural consequences, right?

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  • firebee1991
    Let me be the first to say, as a Christian computer user, that this guy is freaking retarded.
  • No Rev, that is just porn.
  • Stryter
    If my computer started swearing at me, and went all demonic, I'm pretty sure is shit my pants. Just sayin'
  • killerclick
    Well I would be thrilled if today's desktop computers could support intelligence. That would mean we could all upload (after removing any evil spirits present in the machines).
  • chris13th
    He must have been on Cleverbot.
  • angelraiter
    I had never heard of this book before now.. All I can say is /facepalm
  • nforce4max
    /Face Palm

    This is embarrassing and I am a tried and true conspiracy theorist and far from your normal Christan. This one is an apostate. The machines can't house evil spirits as it is the individual that invites them into their lives through their actions. Objects can be demonically charged but nothing special and doesn't store spirits. So this one is one of those nutty NIV types that I run into all the time. As a conspiracy theorist don't listen to this guy and always question every one who have a title to boast of such as "Reverend".

    Images, sounds, music, and actions invite demonic spirits but not objects however they can be charged and don't contain spirits. Actions such as new age or any form of Wicca or Helios worship will invite demonic spirits.

    KJV only and avoid typical churches like the plague. If they got titles and symbols avoid them!
  • sirmorluk
    This may be funny but I have had several end users at my site who say the same thing.

    " Quick we need need a old tech and young tech"
  • Parrdacc
    First let me say I am an actual believer in a God, or if you prefer a belief in a supreme being and in the spiritual aspects of things. HOWEVER, this guy is a little off his rocker. I do not believe evil spirits can live in a computer. One can make a program or computer act like it is being controlled by an evil spirit, sometimes I do wonder, but that does not mean it is. Think the reverend here is losing it or has some sort of conspiracy held hate for computers.
  • p4nz3rm4d
    Mebbe he's just an old fart who has had his pc hacked by someone who dislikes him...
    Just saying