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CES 2015 Day 1: Top 10 Stories

Our first day on the floor at CES 2015 showed us faster processors, sleeker smartphones and retro headphones, but the overall theme was visual. Some of the most compelling products, from curved PC monitors to 3D Android gaming devices, gave us new ways to see digital content. Others, such as a eye tracker and a foot controller, gave us new ways to interact with that content.

Here are the top 10 stories of CES 2015 Day One.

Nvidia's Tegra X1 Chip Outpaces Apple's A8X

Nvidia has revealed the next generation of its mobile CPU, and it's not afraid to compare its new chip to the competition, namely Apple's leading mobile processor. Benchmark demos show that the Tegra X1 is 1.7x more power-efficient than the iPad Air’s A8X chip, and sips considerably less power at the same performance level. The X1 is no slouch on visuals either: a cut-scene demo of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 Elemental oozed with incredible, fluid detail.

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HP's New Curved Displays Start at $399

How little can you pay for a curved PC display? $600? $500? HP's EliteDisplay S270c and Pavilion 27c 27-inch monitors are curved displays that each pack 16:9 aspect ratios, at a resolution of 1920 x 1080p, for just $399. For those who want bigger, curvier and richer panels, HP is also offering two 21:9-aspect ratio screens at 34 inches that boast the pixel count to 3440 x 2160 and cost $999.

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Activite Pop Combines Smartwatch, Fitness Tracker for $149

The Activite Pop is one part smartwatch, one part fitness tracker, and all snazzy wearable. Priced at $149 when it debuts next month, the Activite will be available in colors as unusual as its kooky name: we’re talking azure, shark gray, and sand options here. Design-wise, don’t expect too much for this affordable wrist bling. Its more expensive sibling, the $400 Activite, dons sapphire and stainless steel, while the Pop will made of PVD-coated metal and pack a soft, silicone strap.

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Tobii's Eye Tracker May Change How You Game

Tobii always has something cool to show off at CES, and this year the company's demo of the SteelSeries Eye Tracker may have topped our expectations. Imagine playing a first-person shooter where you control the camera simply by moving your head from left to right or down to up. Tobii's new eye-tracking technology did just that during our demo.

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A Fun, Intuitive Foot Controller

The 3D Rudder is a chunky foot controller with multiple sensors that's designed to make 3D modeling and virtual-reality games easier to navigate. We were skeptical of the disc-shaped device at first, but once we’d lain our feet on the on the controller and started panning, zooming, strafing and spinning around 3D environments, we found the odd-ball gadget to be intuitive, precise, and, most importantly, fun.

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Alcatel Onetouch Watch Beats Apple on Flexibility, Price

Meet the contender that could be a worthy rival to the Apple Watch. Alcatel’s sleek Onetouch Watch includes a heart-rate monitor, an NFC antenna for speedy smartphone pairing and a 1.22-inch touchscreen face. It interacts with Android and iOS devices alike (thanks to a companion app), worked really well during our tests at CES 2015, and is far less expensive than the Apple Watch -- click the link below to find out how much less.

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Acer Takes Chromebooks to New Heights

If you’ve been waiting for a mainstream-sized Chromebook, Acer’s got the Google-branded clamshell for you. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest Chromebook packs a 15.6-inch display, an Intel 5th Generation Core processor and a surprisingly rugged chassis -- all starting at $250.

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Myfox Home Security System Balances Safety, Privacy

If you thought home security was high-tech, then you haven’t see the Myfox Security System. This Android-and iOS-friendly device set includes a 720p-pixel camera with a 130-degree viewing angle, along with security tools such as motion detection and night vision. And because surveillance doesn’t have to be sinister, the Myfox camera comes with a shutter that turns off video and audio capture with a tap of your smartphone screen, ensuring privacy when and where you want it.

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Garmin Vivoactive Fitness Tracker Rises to Level of Smartwatch

With so many smartwatches and fitness trackers hitting the market, it’s harder for products to stand out. Garmin, and its Vivoactive wearable, are not afraid of that challenge. With apps for golf courses, cycling and swimming pre-installed, the Vivoactive adds load of innovative features to your workout regiment, all while managing familiar tasks such as step counting, calorie management and distance tracking -- and adds smartwatch functions such as smartphone-message notification and GPS tracking. Read our full report for all the details.

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Snail Games Takes Android Into 3rd Dimension

Want to play some Clash of Clans in 3D? Chinese game-development company Snail Games will take you there with its 2.2-GHz W 3D hand-held for Android games. The device’s screen packs a 1080i resolution, boosted by eye-tracking technology, that lets you play games in 3D. The feature also works for movies. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, the W 3D has only one 3D intensity setting, but it might be worth it just to add new life to your favorite Android games.

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