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CES 2015 Day 3: Top 9 Stories

On the third day of CES 2015, we saw surprises and shockers. The clever build-quality (and low pricing) in Dell's new XPS 13 dropped some jaws, as did ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih's critical words for Apple and Microsoft. Meanwhile, Mad Catz's design for new mice and keyboards was ... well, mad. And Philips added freakin' laser beams to TVs.

Here are the top 9 stories of CES Day 3.

Dell XPS 13: A 13-inch display crammed gracefully into an 11-inch frame

Available for purchase today, the new XPS 13 accomplished the engineering feat of fitting a 13-inch screen into what would otherwise be an 11-inch notebook. It weighs a svelte 2.6 pounds with a 1080p touch-screen display, or maxes the scales at 2.8 pounds with a WQHD, 2560 x 1440-pixel touch screen. Either way, you'll swoon at the machined aluminum and carbon-fiber chassis of this premium, portable system. Starting at $799.

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Exclusive Interview: ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih says the Chi has power

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih isn't afraid to say that the 12.5-inch ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300 trumps not only the Microsoft Surface but also the Macbook Air. What else was up for discussion during our exclusive interview with the chairman? Android's dominance of gadgets that are 7 inches or smaller.

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New Line of Premium Gaming Mice and Keyboards from Rapoo

Gaming peripheral maker Rapoo has a new fleet of gaming mice and keyboards. Of the five products announced at CES 2015, the $70 V900 mouse with an adjustable laser sensor, a 1-millisecond response time and a lighting system that supports 16 million colors stands out.

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Mad Catz's All-New Gaming Peripherals Are Radical

Thanks to its detachable-friendly design, the L.Y.N.X 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller can dock with tablets and smartphones, pair with a snap-on keyboard for televisions and set-top boxes, or work as gaming controller for Amazon Fire TV and other gaming consoles. The R.A.T. PRO X gaming mouse is so adjustable even the scroll wheel is removable, and the TRITTON Swarm Mobile Headset pairs with multiple devices, so gamers can lead their Destiny raiding parties and answer smartphone calls at the same time.

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3Doodler 2.0 Lets You Sculpt 3D Objects Without a Printer

Skip the 3D printer. The 3Doodler 2.0 is a pen that extrudes fast-drying plastic so users can "draw" 3D objects. Sculptors can cast objects in different colors and materials. At the 3Doodler booth, we saw statues of baby Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy film, models of the Notre Dame cathedral and even a lacy cocktail dress. What can you make?

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Philips Smart Laser Backlight UHD TV: Color by Laser

Philips found a way to create more-vibrant colors than almost any other UHD TV. The key to their success: lasers. The Philips Smart Laser Backlight UHD TV employs a red laser to display 4K images. The result is bright, deep reds, and greens and blues that look much richer than on a standard 4K TV.

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CES 2015 Readers' Choice: Vote Now!

We've got plenty to be excited about at this year's CES, but what about you? So far, we've reported on a TV as slim as a smartphone, a mind-blowing virtual reality display, a smartwatch that bridges the divide between iOS and Android, and a gaming PC so powerful the Xbox One should be ashamed. Which one is your favorite?

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CyberPowerPC Fang Trinity: The custom gaming PC you always wanted

If the CyberPowerPC Fang Trinity's design doesn't catch your eye, its specs array will stop you cold. Each blade of this conceptual gaming PC houses a powerhouse of specs: an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M GPU and three SSDs in one compartment, another hard drive and an optical drive in the second compartment, and a 4-GHz Intel Core i7-4790K processor with a liquid-cooling system in the third. Out of this world.

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Where Smartwatch Meets Security

GoldKey's new Secure Communicator provides a fully functional Android device with a speaker, microphone, camera, and independent 3G connection for calls and data. Better still, the device comes preloaded with GoldKey's security software for access to encrypted storage, VoIP calls and secure transactions.

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