Best Galaxy S9 and S9+ Deals for August 2018

Sales of Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been slower than expected, especially in light of Apple's record iPhone X revenue.

But Samsung's woes are a boon for shoppers, because retailers are expected to offer even more aggressive deals on Samsung's aging flagships. 

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To date, the best price we've seen for an unlocked S9 has been $559 — a now-expired, 24-hour deal that came courtesy of Newegg. But bargain shoppers shouldn't worry because there are other excellent deals available at the moment.

Best Buy, for instance, is taking up to $350 off the Galaxy S9, S9+, and Galaxy Note 8.

Meanwhile, Samsung continues to offer a $200 Samsung Chromebook credit when you buy an unlocked Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ at $719.99 or $839.99, respectively. Although you're paying full retail for both phones, this is the best Galaxy bundle we've seen, as retailers — including Samsung — usually restrict  their bundles to memory cards, cases, and Qi chargers.

How does that stack up with other offers? Here are the best deals for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ so far.

Galaxy S9 Deals: Samsung and Carriers Compared

Galaxy S9 Price
S9 Monthly Payments
Galaxy S9+ Price
S9+ Monthly Payments
Trade-In Rebates?
$30/24 months
$35/24 months
Up to $300
$33.33/24 months
$38.74/24 months
Up to $300
$26.34/30 months
$30.50/30 months
Up to $200
$30/24 months
$30/24 months + $120 down
Up to $300 off
$16.50/18 months
$21.50/18 months
Up to $300

Best Buy

Best Buy is the latest retailer to slash the price of Samsung's three flagships when purchased via Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Verizon customers get the biggest savings. Verizon customers (new or old) who add a new line and buy an S9 or S9+ will get $300 off their purchase. That results in the following prices:

Meanwhile, AT&T customers can take advantage of Best Buy's Galaxy S9/S9+ BOGO promo (requires at least one new line of activation), whereas Sprint customers can get the S9 for $9/month or the S9+ for $14/month.


Similar to Samsung, Amazon is offering a free Samsung Chromebook 3 when you purchase an unlocked Galaxy S9 ($719.99) or unlocked Galaxy S9+ ($839.99). If you're a Prime member, you can get your bundle in 48 hours or less. The downside is Amazon doesn't let you choose a Chromebook, but instead automatically bundles the Chromebook 3. 


Walmart is taking $150 off the S9 and S9+ when you purchase the phone in-store and sign up for a installment agreement with AT&T or Verizon. (Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "shop now" button to see details). 


As part of its back-to-school sale, Verizon is taking $100 off the Galaxy S9 and S9+ when you upgrade from an older phone or they'll take $300 off when you switch from a competing carrier or add a new line.  A trade-in is required in both cases.


At AT&T, buy a Galaxy S9 at full price ($789.99) on AT&T's Next installment plan (30 months at $26.34/mo.) or AT&T Next Every Year (24 months at $32.92/mo.) and get a second S9 for free. Alternatively, you'll get $790 off a second S9+. However, keep in mind the device will be "free" in the form of bill credits (applied to your account). So you'll need to purchase both devices at full price upfront.

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If it's the lowest monthly price you're after, Sprint has the S9 for $9/month (normally $33/month) or the S9+ at $14/month (normally $38/month). Both require an 18-month Spring Flex lease.


The most aggressive carrier in terms of pricing doesn't currently have any deals on  the S9 or S9+. That means you'll pay $720 for the S9 ($30/month over 24 months) or $840 for the S9+ ($30/month over 24 months + a $120 down payment). However, stay tuned as T-Mobile is bound to offer a back-to-school special in the coming days.

Prepaid Carriers

The prepaid carriers are also getting in on the S9 deals. For the absolute lowest prepaid price, Boost has the S9 for $699.99.

StraightTalk is offering the S9 for $699.99 and the S9+ for $829.99. Just keep in mind that in our tests StraightTalk had the slowest LTE speed and provided one of the worst customer service experiences we've gone through.

MetroPCS also has the S9 for $699 (they currently don't offer the S9+).

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  • darkwolf292000
    you forgot Xfinity Mobile, $250 visa prepaid card with a samsung purchase if you order between Feb 26 and March 22 2018, with each phone up to 5 , $30 for S9 a month, or 719.99, $35 for S9+ a month, or 839.99, and up to $200 for trade-in...
  • mig6220
    More about xfinity. Plans only available to xfinity WiFi users. Uses Verizon network, and hotspots. .
    I have the S8 thru them, which I can and will upgrade to S9 after a year
  • ash26rana